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Get ready for your next holiday in France

Toll payment subscription: get ready for your next holiday in France with Bip&Go!

No more toll booth queues with Bip&Go and the Liber-t pass! Use the reserved lanes and save time.

The Liber-t pass is available for foreign drivers!

Pont de Normandie

Do you live outside France, in a eurozone country? Then you too can use the Liber-t pass when travelling in France! All you need is a bank account in one of the eurozone countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.).

Your badge will be sent to you, and you will be able to use it on French motorways as well as in all car parks displaying a "t" logo. Be aware that the pass also gives you access to some of the most famous bridges (Pont de Normandie, Pont de Tancarville, Viaduc de Millau). 

Choose your package from among our different options: pay as you go or fixed price.

Buy your Liber-t pass and get it sent straight to your house!

The holidays are approaching, as is the great getaway on the roads. Avoid the long toll booth queues and don't worry about having to search for cash each time! Pack your cases with peace of mind with Bip&Go: order your Liber-t pass online on our website, and get it within 48 hours (subject to postal delivery times). Once fitted, use the reserved lanes at toll booths and save time on all of your French motorway journeys.

The badge fixes to your windscreen and allows you to drive through the toll booth without stopping. Subscribing for motorway toll payment on the internet makes life easier: go to your subscriber area online to modify or manage your subscription, or just to see your latest journeys or bills.