BIP&GO carsharing with Idvroom
Carshare regularly with Idvroom and enjoy great offers

BIP&GO carsharing with Idvroom
Electronic toll payment for car sharers
Carshare regularly with Idvroom and enjoy great offers

€0 the months you do 4 carsharing journeys or more with iDVROOM*
€1,90 per month if you do not reach 4 carsharing journeys
Shipping fee: €6 in Metropolitan France

Extra subscription benefits for all active iDVROOM customers:

  • first 6 months subscription free
  • no activation fee (€10 inc. tax. saved)
Usable only in France

The BIP&GO COVOITURAGE IDVROOM badge is not usable in Spain

Simple and no obligation

You only pay for the months in which you have used the badge without reaching 4 carsharing journeys.


€0 per month when you do not use the badge or you do 4 iDVROOM carshare journeys or more*. €1.90 the months you use the badge without reaching 4 carshare journeys.


Badge dispatched within 48 hours, subject to postal delays (international delivery may last 5 working days).

Customer Service

By phone and in our customer areas.

Subscriber area

Dedicated area where you can monitor your latest invoices, your itineraries, your toll payments and your subscription fees.

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* The activation fees and first 6 consecutive months' subscription are free on the condition that the customer has a iDVROOM customer account and has made at least one journey payment or validated a journey on his/her account log. Badge shipping fees are still at your own expense (€6 inc. tax.). Offer reserved for private individuals, limited to one badge per person. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Offer only valid for carsharing with iDVROOM, with online invoice.
Once the free first 6 consecutive months are over, the customer will not be charged management fees in the months they use the badge and carry out 4 carshare journeys with iDVROOM, both on and off the motorway (4 separate journeys paid online or validated in the iDVROOM account log).
How do I get the offer?

If you are already an iDVROOM customer:
You should have received a code from iDVROOM to use on our website.

You are not yet a iDVROOM customer:
Register on the iDVROOM website and carry out a carshare journey. iDVROOM will then send you a personal code to use on our website.

1- Use the personal code you have received from iDVROOM and confirm your subscription on the Bip&Go site
iDVROOM référence membre
2- Receive your ready-to-use badge.
iDVROOM badge
3- Register your badge number on iDVROOM to enjoy free subscription fees in the months when you carry out at least 4 carshare journeys with iDVROOM
iDVROOM où trouver le numéro du badge ?