Our electronic toll payment subscription plans for professionals
Saving time on the motorway is important when you are a professional.
BIP&GO offers liber-t electronic toll payment subscriptions that respond to professionals' needs!

Enterprise: fewer than 5 badges
€18.50 ex-tax per year per badge*

Online, a maximum of 4 badges per business account
Activation fee per badge: €8.50 ex-tax**
Overseas shipping fees: €8.33 ex-tax**


Detailed badge by badge invoice in paper format only. And on top of that, you can personalise the badge name to find them more easily.

Usable only in France

The Bip&Go Enterprise badge cannot be used in Spain, Portugal or Italy

An adapted customer service

From 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday

Optimised payment

Deferred payment up to 45 days
0% commission on transactions.

*Prices ex-tax effective on 03/09/2020, with paper invoicing only
**Prices ex-tax, charged in the first subscription year only. Shipping fee in Metropolitan France: €5 ex-tax.

Pros: 5 or more badges

Benefit from a personal offer, adapted to your travelling habits and needs.
Our advisers are available on + (33)9 70808765 (no surcharge when calling from France / languages spoken: English and French)

Personal administrative service

Every month you receive a global invoice and a detailed balance. You will therefore have a list of trips made during the past month badge by badge.
CSV* format export of billed trips

Option to distinguish weekend and bank holiday trips

Possibility of receiving invoices that separate weekday trips from weekend and bank holiday trips

* easy to export to Excel format
Amex corporate
€16 per year*
For SME, middle-market and large companies

Free shipping in Metropolitan France – €6 saved**
Activation fee: from €10 per badge**

Enjoy a personalised offer


France, Spain, Portugal and Italy compatible subscription plan


Thanks to the partnership between Bip&Go and American Express, make your professional journeys and managing your expense account easier: your toll expenses will be saved by your badge and directly charged to your American Express Corporate Card.

Welcome offer:
+ Complimentary shipping of your badge to Metropolitan France (save €6)***
+ Special American Express Corporate Card offer: upon subscribing, enter the promotional code you have received.

Eligible cards: Corporate Green, Corporate Gold, Corporate Platinum, AIR France – AMERICAN EXPRESS Corporate Cards®


Thanks to the Bip&Go badge, your American Express card is accepted at the motorway tolls and around 400 car parks.

Option 1: France/Spain/Portugal/Italy badge
  • Monthly subscription:
    €2.50 for every month the badge is used* in Spain and Portugal
    + €2.50 for every month the badge is used* in Italy
    €0 the months the badge is not used.
    In addition to your France subscription
  • Yearly subscription:
    If you frequently drive in Spain, Portugal and Italy: €10/year* in addition to your France subscription
Option 2: France/Spain/Portugal badge
  • Monthly subscription:
    €2.50 for every month the badge is used* in Spain and Portugal
    €0 the months the badge is not used
    In addition to your France subscription
  • Yearly subscription:
    If you drive frequently in Spain and Portugal:
    €10/year* in addition to your France subscription
Premium Option

Discover a range of 100% peace-of-mind services.
The Premium Option will be by your side throughout your journey, with:

  • VIP privileges
  • Supplementary insurance
  • Premium assistance

Set off with total peace of mind with the Bip&Go Premium Option for €14.50/year/vehicle****

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Simple and no obligation

You will pay for your toll and parking expenses once a month only.


The equivalent of €1.33 per month to make your motorway journeys easier. €0 safety deposit.


Badge dispatched within 48 hours (subject to postal delays).


By phone and in 15 customer areas.

Subscriber area

In “My Account”, you will find a space where you can monitor your latest bills, your itineraries, your toll payments and your subscription fees.

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*Prices with all taxes included effective on 15/06/2019, with electronic billing. Extra fee for paper bills: €12/year tax incl.
**Activation fee: €10 (tax inc.) for the France/Spain/Portugal badge and €14 (tax inc.) for the France/Spain/Portugal/Italy badge. Charged in the first subscription year only. Shipping fee: €10 internationally. Toll and parking costs are billed in addition to the applicable price.
***This offer applies as long as you own an eligible and valid American Express Corporate Card. Your toll and parking expenses will be charged to that American Express card. The extra fee for paper bills will be charged to the card owner. Offer valid until 31/12/2021.
****Prices effective on 01/05/2018, with electronic billing. Only class 1, 2 and 5 vehicles registered in France are eligible for the Premium Option.