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Find all our news and tips for travelling as comfortably as possible with your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge.

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How can you make those long car journeys go a little more quickly?
The holiday journey can be a bit long. Here are some games and ideas to keep you and your children busy in the car.
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Plan your holidays with Bip&Go
The holiday season is approaching, and there’s just some last-minute details to prepare. Bip&Go will help you plan your journey. Take the right steps and travel in peace.
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Get the most out of your online account with ourBip&Go tutorials
You haven't visited our YouTube channel yet? Now is the time! Our tutorials will guide you through your subscriber area.
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Bip&Go facilitates your weekends and holidays in France
Need weekend or summer holiday ideas? Travel the motorways of France to discover our cultural heritage.
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Discover campervan holidays with Yescapa
Discover campervan holidays with Yescapa. Did you know? Bip&Go electronic toll payment badges work for class 2 campervans too, so that you can save time on French and Spanish motorways.
Voeux 2018 EN
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Happy New Year 2018
The team at Bip&Go would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2018 !
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98% of Bip&Go customers satisfied according to MV2 survey
According to MV2 Conseil study, 98% of surveyed customers are satisfied with Bip&Go offered services. Thank you for trusting us!
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Happy New Year 2016
The team at Bip&Go would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2016 !
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Bip&Go is coming your way
Bip&Go will be at the Rouen Armada to meet future subscribers.