Electronic toll payment in Italy

Electronic Toll Payment


Do you want to make the most of the Italian sunshine
by going on holiday or seeing the family?

Choose the new Bip&Go extension available in Italy!



  • In partnership with Telepass, Bip&Go allows you to benefit from electronic toll payment in Italy with a single badge.*
  • Your expenses for Italy will be debited from your Bip&Go account, without having to pay the Telepass partner, Bip&Go will take care of this.
  • *The Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge also works on motorways in France, Spain and Portugal.

You have 2 choices:

If you travel rarely: by default, €2.50/month of use*
in addition to your subscription in France.
(€0 for months when you do not travel to Italy)

If you travel often: €10/year*
in addition to your subscription in France.


*Prices with all taxes included effective on 11/07/2019, with electronic billing only.

Did you know?

  • The aluminium pouch which you received upon subscribing is useful! In fact, your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge for Italy will not be detected. Simply remove it from your windscreen and place it inside.
  • You must now register your number plate in your Bip&Go account upon subscription. This information will be useful for correctly associating your transactions with your account in the event that your badge is not detected.

How do I use my badge in Italy?

  • You can use the Telepass electronic toll payment lanes anywhere. Like in France, there are dedicated 30 km/h lanes indicated by this logo telepass.
  • You can also use the mixed bank card and Telepass lanes indicated by this logo mixte.
  • Some motorways are equipped with Free Flow tolls (toll gates with no barriers) mixte. No action required, these tolls detect your badge and register your journey. No stops to make.
  • The badge works in certain car parks and ferries with the mixte logo.