Electronic toll payment in Portugal

Electronic Toll Payment
France - Portugal


Do you want to go to Portugal
to see family or to go on holiday?

Discover the new Bip&Go extension available in Portugal!



  • After Spain, Bip&Go continues its partnership with Bip&Drive, giving you the benefit of electronic toll payment in Portugal with a single badge.
  • Bip&Go charges your account for your expenses in Spain and in Portugal and pays Bip&Drive for you.
  • In order to take advantage of this new service there are two options on offer for you: you can choose the France/Spain/Portugal badge, or you can choose the Europe badge, which will also allow you to travel on Italian motorways.

You have 2 choices:

If you travel rarely: by default, €2.50/month of use*
in addition to your subscription in France.
(€0 for months when you do not travel to Portugal)

If you travel often: €10/year*
in addition to your subscription in France.


*Prices with all taxes included effective on 11/07/2019, with electronic billing only.

Useful info

Don’t want to use your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge in Portugal? Simply remove it from your windscreen and place it in the aluminium pouch which you received upon subscribing.

Doing this will make the badge impossible to detect.

How do I use my badge in Portugal?

In the 2 types of existing tolls on Portuguese motorways:

  • In Free-Flow motorways indicated by "Electronic toll only" signs viaverde. You don’t need to do anything: these barrierless tolls detect your badge and register your journey. You can keep driving without stopping.
  • Traditional tolls that operate with the "Via Verde" system, indicated by this logo viaverde, which is similar to the French electronic toll payment system. For information, these reserved lanes don’t have barriers and your badge will not beep. Don’t worry, your journey will be accurately recorded.
  • Your badge can also be used in some equiped car parks in Portugal.