Advice for using your badge

How should the badge be positioned when passing the toll?

The badge must be fixed to the windscreen. If you handle the badge when passing through a toll, this can prevent the badge from being recognised. Generally, the badge holder and badge must be fixed in the top left behind the rear view mirror. If this area has black dots, the pass must be fixed on them. Remember not to alter the label and code behind the badge: they are required to record your passage should you need to show your badge to a toll attendant.

My pass is out of order. How do I replace it?

If your pass malfunctions, please have it tested in one of our sales agencies. If we find that it is defective we will replace it free of charge. You can also log in to your subscriber area or contact our customer service advisers by calling + (33)9.708 08 765 (non surcharge number) to have a technical diagnosis carried out and have your badge replaced by post if necessary.

Can I use the reserved lanes with a load on the roof?

To use the reserved liber-t lanes the total height of your vehicle must not exceed 2 m. If this is the case please show your pass to the toll booth attendants in a manual lane.

What do I do if I'm not detected when in the lane (my pass is out of order, the barrier doesn't rise)?

All the electronic payment lanes have an intercom. Don't hesitate to call the toll assistance staff. They can either come to assist you or solve the problem remotely. If the barrier does not rise on entry to the motorway, there are some lanes where you can take a ticket and use it at a manual exit with your pass where the toll attendant can record your passage.

What do I do if my pass is lost or stolen?

If you lose your pass or if it is stolen, please cancel it directly from your subscriber area, in the "Lost or Stolen Pass?" section, or contact our customer advisers by calling +(33).9 708 08 765, or go to one of our sales agencies.

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