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Saving time on the motorway is important when you are a professional. Whether you are part of a corporation or a micro-enterprise, you simply do not have the time to be waiting at the tolls. The Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge for professionals can adapt to suit the needs of all kinds of businesses.

€18.50 (excl. tax)

/year and per badge*

Fewer than 5 badges

Subscribe online

5 or more badges

+ activation fee per badge: €8.50 (excl. tax)**

How much does electronic toll payment cost?

Simplify your journeys and manage your travel costs

Badge usable in France only

Yearly subscription

For each badge, charged all at once each year

€18.50 (excl. tax)/year

Activation fee per badge:

For each badge only upon subscription

€8.50 (excl. tax)

The advantages of Bip&Go electronic toll payment

Reserved electronic toll payment lanes

No need to queue, thanks to reserved no-stopping electronic toll payment lanes.

No more tickets

No more stress at the tolls: never again will you have to look for your ticket and bank card.

Simplified billing

Find certified invoices for all your badges directly in your subscriber area.

Optimised payment

Payment deferred up to 45 days. 0% commission on transactions

electronic toll payment badge for professionals
how does electronic toll payment work?

How does electronic toll payment for pros work?

Go through the tolls without stopping.

No need to queue at the tolls: you can use the reserved no-stopping electronic toll payment lanes.

Make the most of electronic toll payment options designed for professionals.

From your subscriber area, you can manage your options and your subscription, with breakdown according to working days and non-working days, badge personalisation, journey summaries, etc.

You can even pay for your parking with your electronic toll payment badge.

Your electronic toll payment badge can also be used in over 450 car parks in France. So, you can save time even when you are parking!

Frequently asked questions

Which kinds of goods vehicles are eligible for electronic toll payment?

Goods vehicles are eligible for Liber-t electronic toll payment if they fall under category 1 or 2.

How can I see my electronic toll payment invoices?

Electronic toll payment invoices will be sent to you in paper format or made available for download directly from your electronic toll payment subscriber area. Invoices are broken down badge by badge.

What are the terms of payment?

Bip&Go electronic toll payment offers optimised payment, deferred up to 45 days, with 0% commission on transactions.

Can I get the VAT refunded from my electronic toll payment invoices?

Yes, you can request a VAT refund for your electronic toll payment expenses. Simply consult and download your invoices from your Bip&Go subscriber area, then submit a request like you would usually do on your country’s tax authority website.

Optimise management of your travel costs with Bip&Go electronic toll payment

Make the most of all the benefits of the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge for professionals: greater comfort when driving, time savings and less stress at the tolls. You will never again arrive late to see a client or to a meeting.
Bip&Go makes it easier for you to manage your journeys and parking: no ticket to keep, no fees to pay up front, deferred payment until the subsequent month, 0% commission, etc. Thanks to Bip&Go electronic toll payment subscriptions for professionals, you can keep focusing on your job, and we can do the rest.
Bip&Go offers made-to-measure prices for businesses who want to equip 5 or more vehicles. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote!

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Subscription – Bip&Go Business

Simplify your journeys and manage your travel costs

Fees :

In France

€18.50 (excl. tax)/year

The Bip&Go Business badge is not usable in Spain, Portugal or Italy