Sponsorship with Bip&Go

Sponsorship with Bip&Go

If you would like to subscribe to Bip&Go and be sponsored by a friend:

In the subscription form, type PARRAINAGE into the promo code field.

Another entry field will appear. Enter your sponsor's customer reference number.

A total of €4 (all taxes included) will be deducted from your first bill.

*€4 per sponsorship, paid to the sponsor and the friend on their bill for the month of sponsorship. Offer limited to private individuals, limited to 5 sponsorships per member, not accumulable with other ongoing promotions. Only valid for pay as you go and other plans. Not valid for home-to-work, toll discount, Liber-t découverte and Liber-t vacances subscriptions.
** If the total amount of your invoice is less than the amount of the sponsorship discount, the rest of the discount will be spread out over the next invoice(s). Bip&Go – 30, boulevard Galliéni 92 130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux – simplified joint-stock company with share capital of 1,000 euros – RCS Nanterre 750 535 288