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What kinds of vehicle are compatible with Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

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Which vehicle categories are eligible for Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

A wide range of vehicles are compatible with motorway electronic toll payment.

It's very simple; it all depends on the category of your vehicle. That is the type of vehicle , its size and its weight .

Liber-t accepts 3 toll classes (which include the most common types of vehicles): classes 1, 2 and 5.

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I drive a campervan/caravan. Can I use Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

Yes, as long as your vehicle or entire rig falls within category 2 (vehicle of height between 2 and 3 metres, with GVWR lower than or equal to 3.5 metric tons).

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I drive a motorbike. Can I use Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

What are the benefits of electronic toll payment for motorcyclists?

Like drivers, motorcyclists who have a Bip&Go badge benefit from the comfort and speed of Liber-t electronic toll payment.

No need to take your gloves off, no risk of falling when you stop , no ticket to take then get out again later, no change or bank card to look for, no stress and lower rates for your smaller vehicle.

From now on, you can acquire the special motorbike Liber-t armband, designed so that motorcyclists can wear their Liber-t badge on their arm, at our Bip&Go agencies or from your Subscriber Area , by clicking on "Order an extra badge or accessory". There will be no need to look for your Bip&Go badge in your pocket and risk dropping it.

Indicative price: €9.90 inc. tax (+ €10 tax inc. for shipping fees).

I drive a vehicle that is heavier than 3.5 metric tons and/or taller than 3m. Can I use Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

Bip&Go only offers electronic toll payment badges for light vehicles. For lorries, buses and category 3 or 4 campervans, you will need an electronic toll payment badge for heavy vehicles.

If you are a professional, you can subscribe with Eurotoll (company from the Sanef group).

I have cargo on the roof (roof box, bicycle on the roof…); can I use Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

Which kinds of goods vehicles are eligible for Bip&Go electronic toll payment?

Goods vehicles are eligible for Liber-t electronic toll payment if they fall under category 1 or 2.

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