Young Drivers' BIP&GO electronic toll payment subscription
Are you younger than 26 and did you pass your driving test less than a year ago?
Bip&Go is offering a €25 discount on your electronic toll payment subscription!

Electronic toll payment offer for Young Drivers
SAVE €25 inc. tax
Save €15 per year for the FIRST YEAR*
Plus the badge activation fees: SAVE €10*


This offer is available in our Bip&Go agencies (no shipping fees) or by post; just send the completed contract and supporting documents* to the address indicated on the Young Drivers electronic toll payment subscription contract.

Shipping fee: €6 in Metropolitan France**

Download the contract

Electronic invoice only

Usable only in France

The Bip&Go Young Drivers badge is not usable in Spain

Simple and no obligation

No date limit. You will pay for your toll and parking expenses once a month only


The first year of subscription is free, then you pay €15 per year. The equivalent of €1.25 per month to make your motorway journeys easier. €0 safety deposit


Visit one of our agencies and leave with a ready-to-use badge, or send the completed contract to the address indicated on the contract and the badge will be dispatched within 48 hours, subject to postal delays (international delivery may last 5 working days).

Customer Service

By phone and in 15 customer areas.

Subscriber area

In “My Account”, you will find a space where you can monitor your latest invoices, your itineraries, your toll payments and your subscription fees.

*Prices with all taxes included effective on 01/09/2016. Offer reserved to natural persons acting as private individuals who are younger than 26 and have held their driving licence for fewer than 12 months. Offer subject to compulsory presentation of valid driving licence.
**Shipping fee: €10 overseas.  Toll and parking costs are invoiced in addition to the applicable price.