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Who we are

Bip&Go is the simplest way to subscribe to Liber-t electronic toll payment on the motorway!


Our job: making the motorway easier!


Electronic toll payment provider

Assistance for your everyday needs:

Bip&Go is a subsidiary of the Sanef group (an Abertis company) and was created in 2012 to attend to electronic toll payment customers’ needs and to offer all drivers, whether individuals or professionals, simple, reasonably priced and quick access to electronic toll payment services. The Bip&Go team is made up of over one hundred collaborators, who work exclusively to manage 1.7 million electronic toll payment subscriptions and offer all these customers the best possible service.


What is electronic toll payment?

Bip&Go is one of the French leaders in the distribution of Liber-t electronic toll payment badges.

Bip&Go sells subscriptions to Liber-t electronic toll payment, valid on all motorways and in more than 800 equipped car parks in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, as well as on some Italian ferries. You can subscribe 100% online, with no-strings-attached plans adapted to your needs, whether you use the motorway every month or just a couple of times a year. On top of that, your Liber-t electronic toll payment badge will be dispatched within 48 hours (subject to postage times).


Bip&Go became a player in the mobility sector when it released its mobile application for its customers in 2020.

Since then, it has continued to improve and enrich its offering regularly, with new functionalities and partners. The application makes customers’ journeys easier, thanks to clever services like car park reservation, fuel price information and route planning. It even allows customers to manage their subscription simply and easily and to track their spending in the blink of an eye.

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The Group’s values

The Sanef Group is committed to its values and ethical principles

The Sanef Group has always put the values of integrity, honesty and respect for laws and regulations at the heart of its activity. These principles are highlighted in its Ethics Charter. Click here to find out more about the Group’s ethics and its whistleblowing procedure.