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Bip&Go - Flex electronic toll payment subscription

The ideal solution for SMEs looking for adaptability and autonomy

Manage your fleet at a glance, control your budget with ease and get expert support. So you can drive with complete flexibility!

From €1.60 excl. VAT

/month in France*

From 1 to 49 badges
In other words, €19,20 excl. VAT/year charged at once
+ activation fee**


Valid in France. Spain and Portugal optional.

France Spain Portugal

How much does Flex electronic toll payment
cost ?

Discover all the details of the prices for Flex electronic toll payment subscription!


In France

€19,20 excl. VAT/ year charged at once

From €1,60 excl.
VAT/ month


Only upon subscription

excl. VAT

France – Spain – Portugal

In France

€19,20 € excl. VAT/ year charged at once

From €1,60 excl.
VAT/ month

In Spain and Portugal

Only the months when the badge is used

+ €1,67 excl.
VAT/ month


Only upon subscription

excl. VAT

Drive with complete flexibility with the Flex package! The solution that meets the needs of SMEs whose relationship with their customers is essential.

Bip&Go Flex professional subscription

Why choose Bip&Go Flex?

  • Degressive pricing
  • Centralised, electronic billing
  • Personalised services for greater peace of mind
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Dedicated subscriber area
  • Optional 3-country badge: France, Spain, Portugal for €1.67 excl. VAT/month used*

Drive in Spain and Portugal with the 3-country badge!

  • Opt for even more freedom when travelling abroad on business!
  • 3-country badge: France, Spain, Portugal
  • €1.67 excl. VAT/month used* in Spain and Portugal

Don't delay! Choose the right package for your company.

Benefit from a range of associated services

Your subscription gives you access to a host of services!

  • View your outstanding amounts and invoices in a single interface
  • Manage and track the consumption of your badges and charging cards: days used with a breakdown between weekdays and weekends, export of journey logs and kilowatt-hours consumed for electric cars, etc.
  • Access even more benefits: access to 1,300 car parks, electronic toll payment in Spain and Portugal, etc.

Why choose us? We take care of everything!

Join a leader in mobility in France and Europe and take the hassle out of business travel!

Avoid queues at toll stations

Shorten your trip by using the reserved lanes with your electronic toll payment badge, on all the motorways in France and Europe.

Book your parking space

Locate, book and pay for your parking space in over 1,300 car parks in France and Europe.

Charge your electric vehicle

Choose your charging point from almost 100% of the networks throughout France and Europe and recharge your electric vehicle without any hassle.

Access more services with your dedicated application

Control your budget and consumption in real time, pay for your electric charging and parking, plan your route and take advantage of all your subscriber benefits.