Using Bip&Go electronic toll payment Using the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge

Using an electronic toll payment badge with Bip&Go

Everything you need to know about how the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge works: the motorway pass that makes toll payment simple

How does the Liber-t motorway electronic toll payment badge distributed by Bip&Go work?

Bip&Go is a national issuer of the Liber-t electronic toll payment badge. It is a motorway electronic toll payment badge that allows you to travel on the entire French motorway network, no matter which company manages the motorway, to use a huge number of toll structures such as the Millau Viaduct, the Tancarville Bridge or the Normandie Bridge, and to pay in over 800 car parks in France! With certain Bip&Go electronic toll payment badges, you can travel on all motorways and use a number of compatible car parks in Spain, Portugal and Italy. You can even use certain Italian ferries.

utiliser le badge bipandgo au portugal

Unbeatable comfort and efficiency: with just a beep, you pass straight through the tolls with total ease.

No more queuing at the tolls: the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge makes your life easier and your journeys more comfortable, quicker and simpler.

  • No need to roll down your window at the tolls
  • No ticket to take and find again later
  • No coins or card to look for

Time saved at the tolls:

  • Reserved “t” electronic toll payment lanes
  • No more waiting at the tolls, especially when there are long queues
  • Automatic passage through motorway tolls

Simple payment with single detailed monthly bill:

  • Your badge records your spending and a monthly bill details all your motorway journeys and parking fees

No more queuing at the tolls. The Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge will make life easier for you.

Using the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge

Once your motorway badge has been installed on your windscreen, use the electronic toll payment lanes indicated by a “t”. Move forward at a moderate speed and keep a distance of 4 metres from the vehicle in front of you. The electronic toll payment badge will beep, the traffic light will turn to green and the barrier will rise: you can pass! Make sure you check the details of how your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge works in the country you are going to before your departure.

No-stopping electronic toll payment lanes:

In France, there are several types of reserved electronic toll payment lanes. The first is the reserved 30 km/h no-stopping electronic toll payment lane. It is indicated by the following signs
It is reserved for cars less than 2 m tall. You can pass through these lanes at 30 km/h without stopping at the barrier. There are also 50 km/h lanes, like the ones at the Montesson tolls on the A14 motorway.
To use no-stopping electronic toll payment, motorcyclists must take the 30 km/h electronic toll payment lanes without height limitations (the ones heavy vehicles can also take). These are often located at the far right of the toll barriers.

bip and go 30 no-stopping electronic toll payment lanes

Electronic toll payment lanes with stopping:

There are also reserved electronic toll payment lanes with stopping, which are indicated by an orange “t” (image). These lanes are reserved exclusively for holders of an electronic toll payment badge, which can be used to avoid the queues at the tolls. But unlike in the 30 km/h lanes, you must stop at the barrier. When the light turns green and the barrier opens, the badge will make a beep sound and you can pass through.
Finally, all lanes indicated with a green arrow are compatible with all payment methods, and therefore with electronic toll payment. You can therefore use these lanes too with your motorway pass.

Bip&Go electronic toll payment with stopping