using the electronic toll payment badge in europe using the bip and go electronic toll payment badge on the motorway in Europe

How electronic toll payment works in Europe with Bip&Go

Make the most of all the benefits of Bip&Go electronic toll payment in 4 major European countries, with electronic toll payment in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. No more queuing at the tolls in Europe.

Drive in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge

Your Bip&Go badge records the expenses you incur in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The bills from our partners that correspond to these expenses will be made available in your Bip&Go subscriber area. Your expenses will be charged to your account by Bip&Go, which will then pay each of the partners on your behalf. Monthly subscription for occasional travellers.

The Europe extension is included for all badges, but you only pay for it the months you use it.

  • €2.50/month of use* in Spain and Portugal
  • + €2.50/month of use* in Italy
  • €0 in the months the badge is not used (in addition to your France subscription)

You will deal exclusively with Bip&Go, whichever country you drive in.

bip and go electronic toll payment on all motorways in europe

How do I use electronic toll payment in Spain?

In Spain, the “Via-T” electronic toll payment system is similar to the “Liber-t” system in France. You can use your badge at:

  • Via-T reserved lanes signalled with the logo
  • Mixed lanes (bank card + electronic toll payment) signalled with the logo
  • More than 150 equipped car parks
electronic toll payment in Spain

How do I use electronic toll payment in Portugal?

On Free Flow motorways (toll gates with no barriers) indicated by “Electronic toll only” signs. You can keep driving without stopping.

On motorways with traditional tolls that operate with the “Via Verde” system, which is similar to the French Liber-t system. Dedicated Via Verde lanes are signalled with the Via Verde sign.

Electronic toll payment can also be used in compatible car parks in Portugal.

using the bipandgo badge in portugal

How does my electronic toll payment badge work in Italy?

In Italy, like in France, there are:

  • Dedicated 30 km/h electronic toll payment lanes. They are indicated by this logo.
  • You can also use mixed lanes (bank card + electronic toll payment), which are indicated by a yellow “T” logo.
  • In Italy, you will find lanes without toll booths, where the gate automatically registers your vehicle’s presence. There is no need to stop. These toll gates are indicated by this logo.
  • Finally, you can also pay for certain equipped car parks and some ferries with your Bip&Go badge.
electronic toll payment in Italy

Useful info

You must register your number plate on your Bip&Go account when you subscribe to be able to use your badge on European motorways. This information is helpful in ensuring that the badge works properly in certain countries’ infrastructures. You can modify your number plate easily and quickly in your subscriber area.

Beyond the tolls

  • The badge also works in certain equipped car parks
  • The badge also works for certain ferry crossings
  • There are some Free Flow motorways (toll gates with no barriers) in Europe. You don’t need to do anything: these tolls detect your badge and register your journey.
  • The Mont-Blanc and Fréjus tunnels are not equipped with an electronic toll payment system and therefore do not accept the badge as a payment system.