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voie réservée limitation 30 Liber-t

How does electronic toll payment work in France?

Save time with electronic toll payment Liber-t

Electronic toll payment on the French motorways allows you to pay the toll without stopping. The Liber-t box is a small electronic transponder that you attach to your windscreen just behind the rear-view mirror. As you approach the toll station barrier, a device placed on the barrier will read your transponder, extract your reference and then automatically open the barrier. The toll fee will then be automatically calculated and you will receive a single bill sent every month. Electronic toll payment is a clever way to save time but also money.

Do not hesitate and choose « Liber-t »!

How to order a Bip&Go Liber-t box

Electronic toll payment

You want to avoid the queue on the French motorways toll stations ? You are looking for a solution which allows you to pass rapidly and easily the toll stations ? Valid on all French motorways, the Liber-t electronic toll payment is a simple and efficient system.

It is a box placed on the windscreen of your vehicle and a subscription that allows you to win time and money on the French motorways. To subscribe to electronic toll payment Liber-t, you just have to go on Bip&Go website on «Our plans» and chose the offer that is the most adapted to your needs.

Use the right lane at the toll station in France

Once the Liber-t box is placed in your vehicle (class 1) you can use the reserved « t 30» lanes. These lanes are equipped with an automatic detection system which allows you to drive through at up to 30 km/hr. If you drive a vehicle belonging to another class, you will have to use the « t » lanes adapted to the height, weight and length of your vehicle.