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The class 2 for camping cars in France

Badge Bipandgo camping cars

Most of the camping cars belong to the class 2: vehicles with a height between 2 and 3 meters and a total weight less than 3.5 tonnes. These elements have to be taken into account when you arrive at the toll stations. There are many different ways to pay the toll on the French motorways (credit card, cash, check, electronic toll payment).

Electronic toll payment with a camping car

If your vehicle belongs to the class 1 (light vehicles), to the class 2 (intermediate vehicles) or to the class 5 (motorcycles), you can subscribe to the Liber-t badge to pay the toll easily and rapidly. Depending on the class of your vehicle, you can use the reserved «t» lanes on all French motorways. If you travel aboard a camping car (class 2) you will not be able to use the dedicated «t» lanes because of the height of your vehicle. In that case, pay attention to the signs and use a non-height restricted Liber-t lane.

There are many advantages to use the Bip&Go badge when you travel with a camping car. You don’t need to get out of your vehicle, to look for your money or credit card: everything happens automatically when you drive through the toll barrier.

How to get a Liber-t badge for your camping car?

In order to take advantage of the electronic toll payment  Liber-t badge you can easily order it on our website Bip&Go . You will discover our subscription offers adapted to your specific needs: the “ fixed plan ” if you use the motorways at least once a month or the “ pay as you go plan ” if you only use the motorway a few times a year.

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