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How am I charged for using the badge outside France?

This is billed by our 2 partners every month (Bip&Drive for Spain and Portugal and Telepass in Italy). The corresponding bills are available in your Bip&Go subscriber area. The amount of these bills will be charged at the same time as your Bip&Go bill. These bills are available in electronic form only, in your subscriber area.

Billing periods for transactions in Spain, Portugal and Italy may differ from those in France as our partners send us the transactions at different times.

Can I get a paper bill for the use of my badge outside France?

Paper billing is not available for this service.

How much does the Europe badge cost? (activation fee, subscription...)

For new customers or to request an extra badge, the Europe badge activation fees are €14 tax inc. (+ shipping fees if you sign up online).

For Bip&Go customers who wish to replace their current badge, changing a functional badge for one valid in Europe costs €16 (taxes and shipping fees included), or €14 if you make this change in a Bip&Go branch.

How much does the service outside France cost?

Monthly subscription: You drive in Spain, Italy and Portugal occasionally

€2.50 for every month the badge is used* in Spain and Portugal
+ €2.50 for every month the badge is used* in Italy
€0 the months the badge is not used.
These fees are added to your France subscription.

Yearly subscription:

If you frequently drive in Spain, Portugal and Italy : €10/year* in addition to your France subscription.

*Prices per badge with all taxes included effective on 15/06/2019, with electronic billing.

How do I go from a monthly France subscription to a yearly one and vice versa?

You can make this change directly in your subscriber area by clicking on “Change my subscription or billing method” on the MY BADGES page or directly on the dedicated page .