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Who can benefit from a 50% discount on the charging card?

Bip&Go offers all drivers of 100% electric vehicles a 50% discount on the electric charging card when they subscribe to the Electric package .

To benefit from this discount, you must drive a 100% electric vehicle. A check will be carried out when you subscribe.

I have a hybrid vehicle. Can I benefit from the Electric package?

The Electric package is reserved exclusively for 100% electric vehicles.

How can I benefit from the 50% discount on the charging card?

You are required to purchase a Bip&Go electric charging card when you subscribe to the package. The card is 50% cheaper than the current rate applicable on the Bip&Go website: (i.e. €14.90 as at 01/02/2024).
Subscribe to the Electric package directly on our website, via the Electric package page , or in one of our offices . You will receive the discount as soon as you make your purchase.

How do I subscribe to Bip&Go Electric?

You can subscribe to the Bip&Go Electric package using the dedicated page on our website .

Remember to enter your vehicle's registration number to confirm that you are eligible for the scheme. We will check to make sure it is a 100% electric vehicle.
You can also subscribe directly at one of our 11 Bip&Go offices. Remember your vehicle registration document!

How can I take advantage of the special offer if I am already a customer?

Are you already a customer? It is easy: you can order an extra badge with the Bip&Go Electric discount directly from your subscriber page .

What is the cut-off date for the 50% discount on the charging card?

The 50% discount on the electric charging card is valid from the moment you validate your subscription, and there is no time limit!

In which countries and on which roads can I use my badge?

The Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge works across the entire network. Depending on the model of badge you have purchased, it also works on motorways in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The badge also works:
• In nearly 1,300 car parks (Effia, Urbis, Autocité, Indigo, Seames, etc.) and also in the car park at Lyon Saint Exupéry airport and the PEF car park at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle 2 airport.
• On the Millau viaduct, the Ile de Ré bridge, the Normandy and Tancarville bridges, and the Maurice Lemaire, Puymorens and Prado Carénage tunnels.
• But it does not work in the Mont-Blanc and Fréjus tunnels.