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How much does electronic toll payment cost?

The electronic toll payment price depends on your chosen subscription plan and therefore how much you use the badge on the motorway.

Bip&Go offers subscription plans for frequent motorway users , but also for those who use the motorway very occasionally , thus catering to everyone's needs.

Upon subscription, there will be a fee for the activation of the badge and a contribution towards production and shipping fees will be requested.

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For more details, consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale .

I use the motorway frequently. Which subscription plan should I choose?

If you use the motorway at least once a month, we suggest the «Fixed Price» annual subscription plan.

This subscription plan is payable once a year on the date on which you took out the subscription.

I use the motorway occasionally. Which subscription plan should I choose?

If you use the motorway a few times a year, but less than once a month, we suggest the «Pay as you Go» monthly subscription plan.

With this plan, you only pay for the months during which you use the badge. You pay nothing for months during which you do not use it.

It is recommended to use the badge at least once per year in order to avoid a non-use fee.

Is the number of electronic toll payment badges limited?

You can request up to 2 badges per contract.