The creation of Bip&Go: the number one toll payment company in France


Bip&Go, the intelligent Liber-t box

Since the invention of electronic toll payment, almost everyone is familiar with the famous "t" symbol that allows drivers to pass through dedicated, restricted lanes without stopping.

Offres Bipandgo Bip&Go was created to make the motorway easier for everyone, and to make your journeys simpler! Valid throughout the French motorway network, the "Bip&Go" Liber-t badge is a simple and effective solution for all of your trips, built into a single intelligent box that has been designed for both individuals and professionals.

Available online within 48 hours and without a deposit, it is the perfect solution for all drivers who take the motorway when going on holiday or for work-related journeys.

Intelligent toll payment with the Bip&Go pass: tariffs to suit everyone

Bip&Go is the cleverest Liber-t badge for travelling on toll roads in France. So that everyone can take advantage of it, whatever their driving habits, Bip&Go has created two solutions: a pay as you go option and a fixed price plan.

- Bip&Go Pay as you go : €1.60 per month with no obligation, and €0 when you don't use it

- Bip&Go Fixed price : even cheaper, at €1.20 per month

And with no deposit : €0 deposit

However you use the motorway, the Bip&Go Liber-t badge has been created for you!

Bip&Go: offering more than our services

The Bip&Go box has been created for you to make driving easier. What could make more sense than also offering you, in partnership with more than 250 car parks, somewhere to park your vehicle?
With your new Bip&Go box, you can now use it as a ticket in many public car parks in both small towns and large cities.

Bip&Go is also compatible with most toll booths at the entrances to tunnels and bridges in France, making your journey even simpler and more intelligent!

To order your Bip&Go Liber-t pass, take a look at our offers , and choose the plan that suits you!

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