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Bip&Go: electronic toll payment in Spain

As a future new Bip&Go subscriber, you will be able as from 13th of June 2016 to take the Spanish motorways without suffering from the summer holidays traffic. Bip&Go, together with its partner Bip&Drive , extends its offer to the Spanish motorways network and proposes its new Liber-t Pass besides its fixed prices plans in France.

No waiting time at the tolls anymore, no need to search for your credit card or bank notes and to keep the toll ticket with you or change your toll badge after having crossed the border. With Bip&Go, your pass is automatically detected and the barrier rises, whether you are in France or in Spain.

Take the motorway abroad with Bip&Go

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From now on it is no more necessary to cumulate two toll passes to travel on the Spanish and French motorways: Bip&Go makes it possible for you to travel easily between these two countries with a single electronic toll payment subscription.

The electronic toll system on the Spanish motorways is the same as in France: the reserved lanes are indicated with a « T » logo and some of them are limited to 30km/h.

Moreover, this new service allows you to have a unique Badge with a single invoicing as Bip&Go withdraws from your account the expenses made on the Spanish motorways to pay directly its partner Bip&Drive. This new service makes your travel easier and improves your daily life as well!

Bip&Go offer in Spain

To enjoy your trip on the Spanish motorways , you have the choice between two offers: a « Standard » offer for 2,50€ incl. VAT / month and an annual offer for 10€ incl. VAT / year.

If you are already a Bip&Go client , you just need to go on your subscriber area to check the compatibility of your subscription with this new offer (more about this ). Find more information about the subscription details in order to benefit as soon as possible from the new Bip&Go offer for electronic toll payment abroad.
Travel in total Liber-t in France and Spain thanks to Bip&Go

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