Motorway tolls: what are the different payment methods?

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Paying at motorway tolls: the different methods available

Optimising your motorway journeys also means reducing the time spent at tolls. To do this, you need to choose the best payment method. But how can you pay at toll stations? Can you pay in cash? What do you do if you don’t have a credit card? Find out everything you need to know.

What payment methods are available at toll stations?

In order to facilitate your time spent at toll stations, there are three payment methods to choose from depending on your needs:

  • • A toll badge;

  • • Payment by credit card;

  • • Payment in cash.

Paying by credit card: is it obligatory?

It is possible to pay toll charges by credit card. If this is your chosen payment method, choose a lane with a green arrow, or one displaying a credit card symbol.

Panneau péage carte bancaire

The green arrow indicates that the lane accepts all types of payment.

Panneau péage flèche verte

Therefore, you are not obliged to pay by credit card at toll stations. In actual fact, there are two other payment methods to make your journey easier.

Can you pay in cash at toll stations?

Paying by cash is possible. You just need to ensure you choose the lane marked by a pictogram showing a basket and coins.

Panneau péage monnaie

You can also choose a lane with a green arrow.
If there is no green arrow or pictogram displayed, then you won’t be able to pay in cash at that particular toll booth.
Payment terminals accept coins from 10 cents to 2 euros as well as banknotes up to 20 euros. This gives you great freedom of being able to pay toll charges in cash.

The Bip&Go electronic toll badge: a practical payment solution

Don't have a credit card or cash? Know that there is a simple, fast, and more convenient means of payment: the electronic toll badge.

Panneau péage voie reservée t

At the entrance to the toll station, choose the reserved electronic toll lane, marked by an orange “t” pictogram (only for class 1 and 2 vehicles, as well as motorcyclists).

You can also take one of the following lanes:

  • • Lanes marked “vitesse limitée à 30 km / h” (speed limited to 30 km/h”) ;

  • • The “Tous Paiements” (“All Payments) channels, indicated by a green arrow.

With the electronic toll badge, you save precious time because you don't have to stop to pay. All you have to do is attach your badge to your windscreen and drive at a reduced speed (30 km/h). This way, you avoid long queues, and your journey becomes shorter.
The Bip&Go electronic toll badge is valid on all motorways in metropolitan France, as well as in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Discover our offers !

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