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My badge is lost/stolen. What should I do?

You must immediately cancel it in the "Lost or Stolen Badge" section in your subscriber area or by calling + (33)9 708 08 765. This operation is final and will block the use of the Bip&Go badge at tolls. There will be a fee for your lost/stolen badge.
If you request a new badge, issuing and activation fees will apply at the current rate.

If you find your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge, return it to a Bip&Go agency in France or send it by post to the following address:
Echangeur des Essarts
Route de Oissel, CS 80077
76530 Grand Couronne

Here is a quick and easy tutorial to enable you to stop your badge from your subscriber area:

How do I use my badge in a car park with the Liber-t electronic payment system?

What is the protective sleeve that comes with the badge for?

The protective sleeve makes the badge undetectable, in case you do not want to pay for tolls or parking with the badge.

If you do not want to use your Bip&Go badge, just put it back in the heat-resistant sleeve in which it was delivered. Your badge will not be detected when you go through the toll.

I do not want to pay for my journey with my Bip&Go badge. How do I deactivate it?

If you insert your badge into the heat-resistant sleeve included when you subscribed, it will not be detected when you go through the tolls.
When you want to use the badge again for your journeys, take it out of the protective sleeve and reposition it in its holder on the windscreen.

What is the label at the back of the Bip&Go badge for?

The label must not be altered under any circumstances. If the Liber-t Bip&Go badge is not working for whatever reason, this label will enable the toll worker to identify your Bip&Go badge to validate your transaction.

Can I use one badge for all the types of vehicle I own (car, car with caravan, motorbike, campervan…)?

Yes – the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge is not connected to one particular vehicle. It can therefore be used for the light vehicle (class 1, 2 and 5) of your choice. Trips are billed to the contract holder who is responsible for its use. To benefit from electronic toll payment in your different vehicles, you can order an extra holder or extra badge in one of our agencies in France or in your subscriber area .

However, you must make sure you take the right electronic toll payment lane for your type of vehicle