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How the France/Spain/Portugal/Italy badge works

Using the electronic toll payment badge in Portugal

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How do I use my badge in electronic toll payment lanes in Portugal?

There are 2 types of motorway in Portugal:

  • Motorways with toll booths, where electronic toll payment works the same way as in France thanks to the “Via Verde” system, which is similar to the French liber-t system.
    Most Portuguese toll gates are equipped with dedicated 40–60 km/h lanes. Dedicated Via Verde electronic toll payment lanes are signalled with this logo: viaverde
  • Some motorways are equipped with the Free Flow system (no toll barriers), indicated by these signs: viaverde .

PLEASE NOTE : Only use the lanes indicated by the viaverde or viaverde logo. The use of other lanes is forbidden by law.

I have checked my subscriber area and my badge cannot be used in Portugal, what can I do?

To make this change, go to the “TRACK MY BADGES” section on the “MY BADGES” page.

You have 2 choices:

  • If you are only planning to drive in France, in Spain and in Portugal, select “change my badge for a model valid in Spain and in Portugal”
  • As well as Spain and Portugal, if you want to drive in Italy too, select “change my badge for a model valid in Spain, Italy and Portugal”

PLEASE NOTE : The €10 yearly Portugal subscription plan is not available for the Liber-t Vacances plan.

Where can I use my Bip&Go Europe badge in Portugal?

The Bip&Go Europe badge may be used on the 2 types of Portuguese motorways. To find out more about how to use it click here .

The badge can be used in certain equipped car parks, marked with the Via Verde logo. At the entrance to the car park, press the green button to indicate that you wish to use your badge in this car park.

The badge cannot be used in petrol stations, ferries or other services offered by Via Verde.

What do I do if my badge doesn’t work in Portugal?

If your badge does not work, your number plate will be read and the amounts due will be associated with your badge. This is why it is important to keep the number plate associated with your badge updated, by logging in to your Bip&Go subscriber area. If your number plate is not associated with your badge, you will be committing an administrative infraction and will be liable for a fine of 10 times the toll fee (with a minimum fine of €25). Any change of number plate in your subscriber area will take effect within 24 hours.

Which lane should I take (for my vehicle) in Portugal?

In Portugal, all toll lanes are available for all vehicle classes. Your vehicle class will be detected automatically.