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What is the electric charging feature from the Bip&Go app?

Thanks to our partner's innovative technology, you can view the availability of charging stations in a few clicks and charge your vehicle from the app. With your Bip&Go account, you can access all the major networks present in France without having to create several accounts or have several cards. You will be able to access information from more than 70 000 terminals and charge your vehicle on more than 37 000 terminals without an RFID card, directly from the application.

Three advantages:

● Access to information from a wide range of charging stations, suitable for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles without a card or specific subscription, facilitated thanks to your Bip&Go account.
● Charging is done directly from the app by following the steps mentioned on your phone screen. The application allows you to manage all actions from launch to shutdown.
● The Bip&Go application accompanies you everywhere and allows you to manage all your expenses from the "My consumption" tab.

A question, a remark? Bip&Go customer service remains available to accompany you on your recharge:

● By phone at + (33)9 708 08 765 (non-surcharged call) from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm (excluding public holidays).
● From the contact form on the website: Bip&Go: .

How do I find a charging station adapted to my vehicle on the Bip&Go app?

After installing and starting the Bip&Go application, click on the icon representing an electrical outlet whose name is: "Recharge my vehicle".

2 options are available to you:

● Turn on geolocation to find a station close to your current location.
● Search via the search field at the top of the map for a place where you want to charge your vehicle.

The application will offer the stations closest to the desired place by indicating the operating status of the charging points and their characteristics.

How do I know if a terminal is compatible with my Bip&Go subscription?

After installing and starting the Bip&Go application, click on the icon representing an electrical outlet whose name is: "Recharge my vehicle". The map shows all the charging points near the selected location. When you click on the pin of a station (green or red rectangle with a number), you access the station's essential information including its compatibility with Bip&Go. this information is available below the name of the station "compatible with Bip&Go"

Why can't I see the charging point on the map?

There are several reasons why you don't see terminals on the map:

1. There are no charging points in the selected area. We advise you to zoom out and load the page by tapping on the orange icon at the bottom right, above the filters icon.
2. You have a view too zoomed out (you see all of France or a whole region).
3. You have zoomed out but you have not reloaded the map by clicking on the orange "loader" at the bottom right above the filters icon.
4. You have selected one or more filters that limit the display of charging points.

We advise you to reset the filters if some are selected (button at the bottom of the filters page) and to reload the page if the orange "loader" icon at the bottom right is present.

What represent the colors on the charging card of the electric stations?

In order to easily locate the available terminals, the map is composed of 2 colors that indicate the state of the charging station.

● Green means that at least one charging station is available and in working order.
● Red means that all charging points are occupied or under maintenance.

In addition to the color, the numbers x/x allow you toknow how many available and occupied charging points are presents at the station.

What represent the icons with a cable in the filters section compared to icons without a cable?

The symbol of the connector with a cable means that the charging stations offered to you have their own cable connected to the station. So you don't need to have a cable to use this station. However, you must ensure that the female socket of your vehicle is compatible. If the connector icon is cableless, this means you will need your own cable to use the charging station.

How do I start charging my vehicle?

In a few steps, you can select a charging station, recharge your vehicle and pay with your Bip&Go account.

Step 1 :

As soon as you have selected the charging station, you can click on "Let's Go" to get there. At the charging location, open the app, select the station and connector type. Click on "Start charging" by checking that you are on the right terminal. Confirm your choice to unlock the charging connector.

Attention, in order to view the prices and to be able to select the terminal, you must have a Bip&Go account and be connected to your account.

Step 2 :

Unhook the connector from its bracket by pressing the button. Depending on the terminals and models, refer to the indications of the terminal. On the application you have a screen asking you to connect your vehicle. If you have any problems with this, you can click on "Need help" at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 :

Connect the connector to your vehicle and press the button on the connector to trigger charging. Check that your vehicle is charging via the indicators on the vehicle (e.g. a light illuminates on the dashboard) as well as on your application. The "start loading" screen should disappear and make way for the "charging in progress" screen.

Step 4 :

Wait for your vehicle to charge by performing activities near the charging station or by waiting for it to be recharged. Check the status of the charge from the app of your vehicle or on the terminal. If you exit/close the app a banner at the homepage allows you to return to the current reload.

Step 5 :

As soon as the recharge is complete and at any time during the charging process, you can stop charging from the Bip&Go app by clicking on the "Stop charging" button. After confirmation, this will end your charging session. Depending on the charging station, you can view the amount of the recharge, which will be added to your Bip&Go bill for the current month, as soon as it stops or no later than 72 hours after the charging is stopped. Don't forget to unplug the connector from your vehicle and make sure it's plugged back into its stand. You can leave and continue your journey without having to take out a payment method or worry about how to pay for your recharge!

If you have any questions or encounter a problem, concerning the application, do not hesitate to contact our services who will be happy to help you:

● By phone at + (33)9 708 08 765 (non-surcharged call) from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm (excluding public holidays).
● From the contact form on the website: Bip&Go: .

If you encounter a problem related to the station (e.g. out of service station, charging does not stop,...), a phone number is present on the charging station.

How do I cancel the charging of my vehicle?

When you arrive at the charging station, you can select the right charging station for your vehicle. As soon as you are in place, from the application, you can trigger the charging phase. After clicking on "Start Charging", the app asks you to confirm your choice. This is when you have the option to cancel your choice. If you click confirm, a recharge session will be created. Therefore, if costs independent of charging are listed, you must pay them.

Why is my vehicle not charging at full power?

Depending on the model of the vehicle and its generation, it is likely that it does not accept fast charging. In this case we advise you not to use fast charging because you block the terminal to other users whose vehicle supports fast charging. In addition, fast charging stations are often more expensive and you will take time to charge.

To help you better understand the load capacities of your vehicle here is a useful link: (French version) Charging power of EVs at different charging stations

How do I stop charging my vehicle?

As soon as your vehicle is connected and the "charging in progress" screen is displayed on the Bip&Go app, your vehicle is well connected. You can check via the indicator present, in most cases, on the dashboard, that the vehicle is loaded. At the end of charging, as well as, at any time when charging, you can request that charging stop by clicking on the orange button, "Stop charging", at the bottom of the screen. Before this step is effective, you are asked for confirmation and you can either confirm or cancel without impacting the state of charge of your vehicle. Upon confirmation and after unplugging your vehicle, you will find all the available information of your charge (time and cost of the charge). Attention, depending on the type of charge used, the amount of the charge can take up to 72 hours before being known to our system. You can find all this information in the "My charging history" tab.

How much does it cost to charge my vehicle?

The charging points accessible via the Bip&Go application are owned by independent owners. Rates vary as well as pricing rules. A fixed connection price of 0.20 cts is added to the rates per minute or kWh. From the Bip&Go application, you can find out all the prices of a charging point by consulting the detailed sheet of the connector and the necessary power.To view the prices, you must be connected to your Bip&Go account or create an account by discovering our subscriptions. The prices are dynamic and adjustable by each charging station owner and depending on different factors, you may not pay the same price from one charge to the next without notice.

Why is the Bip&GO rate higher than the one indicated on the terminal?

Prices may vary slightly between those displayed on the charging point and those of the application. You should know that bip&Go's partner allows you to access the majority of networks present in France and soon in Europe by signing contracts with each entity. Bip&Go's goal is to help you avoid multiplying cards or subscriptions. The rates present on the application are based on the agreements and what the different entities of the market charge. Our partner works to simplify and harmonize prices to simplify the understanding of the rates applied.The amount invoiced will be in line with the indications on the Bip&Go application.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

How do I pay for my electric charging from the Bip&Go app?

Bip&Go operates according to a billing system. As soon as you make a recharge via the Bip&Go application, which is itself linked to your Bip&Go account, the amount of a recharge session will be added to the invoice for the current month. You can access the history of your refills by clicking on "My consumption". You do not have to add other payment methods than the one you entered when you registered. In addition, you can track your invoices at any time from your Subscriber Page. and thus view, download and print them from the application. It's a simple and convenient way to track your consumption no matter where you are! If you only use free charging stations, you will find all your previous recharges in the "My consumption" section but without this impacting the amount of your subscription.

Can I associate a subscription or a recharge card with my Bip&Go application?

The Bip&Go application allows you, thanks to its partner, to connect to more than 37 000 terminals out of the 70 000 present in France. The charging points accessible via the Bip&Go application are accessible for Bip&Go customers with a subscription linked to a Bip&Go account. One of the advantages of using the Bip&Go application is to limit subscriptions and simplify the management of costs related to your vehicle. Therefore, it is not possible to add a subscription or a recharge card outside the Bip&Go universe and pay with it from the Bip&Go application.