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How do I access my subscriber area?

Simply enter your username (or subscriber number) and your password.

Your username appears in all emails sent by Bip&Go and on all your bills.

You will have chosen your password when creating your account. If you have forgotten your username or password, click here

Where can I find my username?

Your username is the same as your subscriber number. It appears in most emails sent by Bip&Go and on all your bills.

For your information, your username is the 2 last figures under the company name and the 7 figures under the customer name on the label of your badge.

I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do?

To recover your customer ID and/or password, simply follow the tutorial below. You can also click here and follow the instructions.

What can I do in my subscriber area?

You can carry out the following operations:

Changing your payment information is a piece of cake: in just a few clicks, with your bank details to hand, you can make the change quickly and securely. We explain how in the tutorial below:

It is important to act swiftly if your badge gets lost or stolen. You can easily report a stolen/lost badge in your subscriber area. Find out how with this tutorial:

Want to update your details? This tutorial shows you how to change each field without wasting any time:

When you contact our customer service team, our advisers will respond via your subscriber area. This tutorial shows you how to find your messages:

How do I consult the recent journeys for which I have not yet been charged?

These trips can be viewed in your subscriber area . To consult them, click on the "Detailed view" link in the "My badges" table. The journeys will no longer be visible in this section when they have been billed.

How do I manage my delivery addresses?

Would you like your badge to be sent to an address other than the billing address? Follow this simple tutorial: