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What are the subscription plans for professionals?

There is a subscription plan specifically for professionals. The rates for this plan depend on the number of badges requested.

Businesses who would like fewer than 5 badges can request them directly online.
Businesses who would like 5 or more badges are asked to contact Bip&Go to look at the possibility of a made-to-measure plan.

If you have an American Express Corporate or Business card, choose the American Express subscription plan that is right for you.

Is the number of badges limited?

Yes – online, you can request up to 4 motorway badges.

If you would like more badges, go to one of our Bip&Go agencies or contact us via the contact form

Which kinds of goods vehicles are eligible for electronic toll payment?

Goods vehicles are eligible for Liber-t electronic toll payment if they fall under category 1 or 2.

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I have an American Express Corporate card. Which subscription plan should I choose?

If you have one of the following American Express Corporate cards: Corporate Green, Corporate Gold, Corporate Platinum, Corporate AIR FRANCE-AMERICAN EXPRESS; choose the American Express Corporate subscription plan.