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All you need to know about the A1 motorway in France

Bip&Go can help you to prepare for your holiday, weekend away or other journey in northern France. To go towards Lille or Belgium, one of the best routes is the A1 motorway. This 211-kilometre-long motorway, known as the “autoroute du Nord”, links Paris and Lille, and passes close to Arras. The A1 is managed by Sanef and has tolls. To get to your destination faster, don’t forget to order your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge .

Electronic toll payment and Bip&Go on the A4 motorway

All the toll booths are equipped with 30 km/h fast electronic toll payment lanes. You can also use the “all payment method” lanes with your electronic toll payment badge, but you will need to stop at the barrier.

To buy your electronic toll payment badge during your journey, you can stop off at one of the Bip&Go branches on your way.

  • - In Arras: on the A1 at the D939 interchange.
  • - In Senlis: take junction 8 towards Senlis.

What are the toll prices on the A1 motorway?

The motorway toll prices depend on the time of year, time of day and type of vehicle you are using. To prepare for your journey towards Lille and Belgium, Sanef has developed a cost calculator so that you can estimate the cost of your journey, taking into account toll fees and fuel.

Where does the A1 lead?

The A1 motorway joins Paris and Lille, passing close to Arras on the way. Around 120 km from Paris, it splits into two, with the A2 going to Brussels via Cambrai and Valenciennes. For your journeys on the A1, don’t forget your Europe electronic toll payment badge .

Where can you eat on the A1 motorway?

Burger King on the A1

There are several Burger King outlets on your route. In the Paris–North direction:

  • - You will find a Burger King in the O’Parinor Shopping Centre, on the approach to Aulnay-sous-Bois.
  • - If you take junction 16.1, you will find a Burger King in Hénin-Beaumont.
  • - If you take junction 19 towards Seclin, you will find a Burger King just behind the So Green Shopping Centre.
  • - On the approach to Lille Airport, if you take junction 20, you will find another Burger King near Auchan Faches Thumesnil.
  • - The final Burger King on your route is in Lille, in the Westfield Euralille Shopping Centre.

McDonald’s on the A1

If you’re more of a McDonald’s person, you will find several on your route.

  • - The A1’s first McDonald’s is at the O’Parinor Shopping Centre in Aulnay-sous-Bois.
  • - For the next one, take junction 7 for Saint Witz.
  • - You will find the next McDonald’s by taking junction 8 towards Senlis.
  • - The next McDonald’s on the A1 is at the Ressons-Est service station, so you won’t need to leave the motorway.
  • - The next McDonald’s on your route is found in Roye: you will need to exit at junction 12.
  • - You will find the next McDonald’s at the Assevillers service station, which is accessible in both directions thanks to a footbridge.
  • - The next McDonald’s on the A1 is just after junction 14.
  • - Then, shortly after, you will find another after junction 16.
  • - After that, you will find the next McDonald’s outlets upon arrival in Seclin and Lille.

Other food and drink points

If you’re in a rush, all service stations on the A1 offer food and drink outlets. Find out which restaurants are available on your route at the end of this article.

Service stations and rest areas on the A1 motorway

You will find plenty of spots to fill up on petrol or on energy all the way along the A1. Here is a map of the service stations and rest areas available on your journey on the A1 motorway.

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