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All you need to know about the A13 motorway

Bip&Go can help you to plan your holiday, weekend away or trip anywhere between Normandy and Paris. The A13 motorway joins Paris and Caen, passing through Rouen on the way. Some stretches of the A13 are managed by the French government, while others are managed by the Société des Autoroutes Paris-Normandie (sapn).

There are often delays on the A13, especially on the approach to Paris. Don’t waste a second at the tolls: order your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge!

Bip&Go on the A13

You will find a host of electronic toll payment services on the A13, including separate 30 km/h electronic toll payment lanes, indicated by a “t” symbol. No more queuing at the tolls!

You will also find four of our branches, where our advisers can assist you and offer advice on the best motorway pass for you. In the Paris–Normandy direction order, you will find:

  • - Bip&Go Buchelay: at the toll barrier. The branch is accessible in both directions thanks to a footbridge.
  • - Bip&Go Vironvay Nord: at the service station, accessible in both directions.
  • - Bip&Go Les Essarts: leaving the A13 onto the A139.
  • - Bip&Go Dozulé: at the Dozulé toll barrier.

How much are the tolls on the A13 motorway?

To plan your journey properly, it is best to have an idea of costs. The A13 motorway is split into five tolls: Buchelay, Heudebouville, Bourneville, Beuzeville and Dozulé. The A13 is subject to tolls along certain stretches.

The prices depend on the time of year, time of day and type of vehicle you are using. For a good estimate of how much your journey will cost, sapn has developed a cost calculator.

Where does the A13 lead?

You can head off for a weekend in Normandy by following the A13. The motorway serves the west of Paris, skirting the Vexin Français Regional Natural Park, before turning off towards Normandy until Rouen. From there, you can turn off to the Normandy coast, towards Dieppe or Le Havre, for example, or continue on the A13 motorway, which skirts the Boucles de la Seine Natural Park before arriving in Caen.

Eating on the A13 motorway

Burger King on the A13

You will find four Burger King outlets on the A13.

In the Paris–Normandy direction, the first is located at junction 9, in the Marques Avenue Aubergenville Shopping Centre in Aubergenville.

The second Burger King on the A13 is a few kilometres after, at junction 12 for Mantes-Sud, just before the Buchelay tolls.

You will need to wait another 70 kilometres before finding another Burger King: it is found on the approach to Rouen on the A13, taking junction 21 towards Tourville-La-Rivière.

Finally, the last Burger King restaurant on the A13 is upon your arrival in Caen, when you leave the A13 for the N814 to head into the city.

McDonald’s on the A13

If you’re more of a McDonald’s person, there are plenty on the A13 motorway. In the Paris–Normandy-direction order:

The first McDonald’s you will come across is at junction 7 for Orgeval.

For the second, you won’t even need to leave the motorway: you will find it at the Morainvilliers service station on the A13 motorway.

A few kilometres later, at junction 9, there is another McDonald’s in the Marques Avenue Aubergenville Shopping Centre.

The next is at junction 12, for Mantes-Sud, just before the Buchelay tolls.

Not long before Rouen, you will find two McDonald’s restaurants on the A13: at junction 19 for Vaudreuil, and junction 21 for Tourville-la-Rivière.

The final McDonald’s on your route is found upon arrival in Caen, in the Mondeville 2 Shopping Centre.

Quick on the A13

There is just one Quick on your journey between Normandy and Paris. You just need to exit at junction 13 of the A13 for Mantes-Ouest, just before the Buchelay tolls.

Other food and drink points

You will find plenty of other places to eat and drink at the service stations on the A13 motorway. For example, when leaving Paris and heading towards Rouen, you will find an Autogrill in the Morainvilliers service station, which is accessible in both directions thanks to a footbridge.

In the Normandy–Paris direction, you will find the fast food outlet Léo Resto in the Rosny-sur-Seine Sud service station.

In the Paris–Normandy direction, you will have to wait until Vironvay Nord service station for lunch, where you will find an Arche Cafétéria.

At the Bosgouet Sud service station between Caen and Rouen, which is accessible by foot in both directions, you can choose between a Monop’Daily and a Paul bakery, if you are in a rush. Those who prefer to take their time can sit down in the station’s Courtepaille restaurant.

Finally, at the Beuzeville Nord service station, you will find a Monoprix supermarket and a Brioche Dorée, which are accessible in the Paris–Normandy direction.

Service stations and rest areas on the A13

You will find plenty of spots to fill up on petrol or on energy all the way along the A13. Here is a map of the service stations and rest areas available on your journey on the A13 motorway.

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