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All you need to know about the A4 motorway

With Bip&Go, you can plan all your journeys on the A4 motorway as you explore eastern France. It joins Paris to Strasbourg, via Reims then Metz, and is 488 kilometres long. The A4 is managed by Sanef. There is often slow traffic on the A4 east of Paris. Save time at the tolls by taking your Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge!

Electronic toll payment and Bip&Go on the A4

All the toll booths on the A4 motorway are equipped with “t” 30 km/h electronic toll payment lanes. All-payment-method lanes also allow vehicles equipped with electronic toll payment badges.

If you would like to get your motorway pass during your journey, you will find Bip&Go branches at the following points:

  • - Bip&Go Coutevroult: located just behind the toll barrier.
  • - Bip&Go Tinqueux: on the approach to Reims, at the A344 motorway.
  • - Bip&Go Metz: at Metz, turning off onto the A315.
  • - Bip&Go Saint Avold: after the toll barrier of the same name.
  • - Bip&Go Schwindratzheim: at junction 46 for Hochfelden.

What are the toll prices on the A4 motorway?

So that you can be fully prepared for your journey on the A4 motorway, Sanef has developed a cost calculator , so that you can work out the cost of your journey, counting both toll fees and fuel consumption.

Where does the A4 lead?

The A4 motorway joins Paris to Strasbourg, via Reims then Metz. At Reims, you can turn off onto the A34 to go to Charleville-Mézières, then Belgium. If you continue on the A4 towards Metz, you can go to the north towards Thionville and Luxembourg, on the A30, or to the south towards Nancy, on the A31. When you reach Strasbourg on the A4, you can carry on towards Germany. To make your life easier, don’t forget your European motorway badge.

Where can you eat on the A4?

Burger King on the A4

You will find a Burger King at several points on your journey on the A4 motorway.

In the Paris–Caen direction, the first outlet you will find is in Reims. You will need to leave the A4 motorway at junction 22 and stop at the Parc Millésime.

The second Burger King on the A4 is found at the Reims-Champagne Sud service station, which is accessible in both directions.

As you pass north of Metz, you will find the third Burger King near the A4 if you take junction 36 for Semécourt.

Finally, if you take junction 49 on the A4 and go to the Cora Mundo Shopping Centre, you will find the last Burger King on your journey eastwards.

McDonald’s on the A4

You will find the first McDonald’s on the A4 by taking junction 22 for Tinqueux and going to the Carrefour Reims-Tinqueux Shopping Centre.

The second McDonald’s on the A4 is found at junction 36, Semécourt, and is accessible in both directions.

If you turn off onto the A320 then take junction 40 towards Freyming, you will find a McDonald’s and a Quick opposite each other.

A few kilometres further on, you will find a McDonald’s directly after junction 41. After that, you will find the next McDonald’s outlets upon arrival in Strasbourg.

Other food and drink points

There are a host of food and drink points in the service stations, if you are in a rush. For example, you will find an Autogrill at the Ferrières service station and a Le Boeuf Jardinier restaurant at the Verdun Saint Nicolas services. If you are short for time, there is a Croq’Malin in most of the service stations.

Check out all the information on the service stations and rest areas provided at the end of this article.

Service stations and rest areas on the A4 motorway

You will find plenty of places to fill up or rest up throughout your journey on the A4 motorway. Find out the map of the various rest areas and service stations you will pass.

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