How often should I charge an electric car battery?

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Should you recharge an electric car every day?

Batteries have a limited lifespan. For electric cars , it is true that the batteries are designed to last. However, their performance depends on how they are used.
Should you recharge an electric car every day? You will find the answer to this question in this article!

When should you recharge an electric car?

You should charge an electric car before its battery drops below 20%. To preserve the health of the battery, it is better to avoid going below this threshold.
The recharging frequency depends, above all, on the use of the car and will vary from one user to another. If you use your car a lot, you may need to charge it daily. On the other hand, some users will only need to charge their electric car once or twice a week.
To recharge your electric car at home, it is best to do so during off-peak hours , when the kWh is the cheapest. The objective being to save on the cost of recharging. Also, check with your electricity supplier when the price per kWh is the most advantageous.

How to make your electric car battery last

There are several ways to extend the battery life of an electric car. Here are some rules of thumb that you can adopt:

  • • Warm up your car before use;

  • • Warm up the battery before charging;

  • • Don’t recharge the car too often;

  • • Avoid charging up to 100%;

  • • Keep the battery level above 20%;

  • • Limit visits to fast charging terminals.

These are just some ways to promote battery longevity. It is important to preserve your battery because it is one of the most expensive components to replace on this type of vehicle.

Does an electric car lose charge if it is not driven?

Yes, your electric car can lose charge while not being used. Indeed, as your vehicle includes a lot of electrical equipment, it can lose residual current. However, this loss is not significant and should not significantly drain the battery. It would take several months of non-use for it to go flat. Nevertheless, it depends on the quality of each battery.

How to efficiently charge your electric car

Avoid charging your electric car to 100%. To preserve your vehicle's battery, remove it from the terminal as soon as the charge reaches 80%. That said, be aware of the fact that the charge of an electric car is never complete even if the light indicates 100%. Manufacturers have put a system in place to prevent electric cars from being overcharged. Even with such a device, never exceed 80% charge, if possible.
For the recharge time, favour small cycles . If your car spends a long time at the charging terminal, its battery is more likely to wear out quickly.

Why only charge to 80%?

Even if the damage to your electric car is not immediately visible when charging to more than 80% each time, this practice has a negative impact on battery life in the long term . When you charge your car at a fast electric charging terminal, please carefully monitor the progress of the charge. This type of powerful terminal does not have a device to limit the charge below 80%.

Charging at home or at a public charging terminal

Whether you choose to charge your car at home or elsewhere, it does not affect the state of the battery. If you choose the most efficient charging options, the performance of your electric car should remain optimal.
However, a slow charge on a domestic outlet or wallbox is more appropriate . Indeed, at a fast-charging terminal, the intense flow of electrical current will damage your battery in the long run. However, please note that this does not mean that you shouldn’t use ultra-fast terminals! For example, it's a great way to recharge when you're on a long trip.
You can locate all local charging terminals with the Bip&Go app . If you have a Bip&Go electronic toll subscription , vyou can also pay for charging using the app!

The best way to drive an electric car

Finally, battery wear is also influenced by the way you drive. . The more you accelerate, the more electric you will consume. Preferably, avoid driving erratically. This avoids putting too much strain on the battery.

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