How can you make those long car journeys go a little more quickly?

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Going away on holiday can often mean long journeys, which are often difficult for young and old. To prevent children from becoming too rowdy and adults becoming too bored while on the road, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to pass the time.

To keep boredom at bay, we've come up with a few fun games to keep you occupied in the car.

1.    Blind test

A true classic: turn on the radio and listen to some music. The first person to guess the tune wins a point. The game can carry on throughout your journey, and the person who scores the most points wins!

2.    Department and registration plates

When passing another foreign car, state the letters of the country sticker. The first person to give the correct country name wins a point. This is another game that can carry on throughout the journey. A fun way to learn! E.g., GB – Great Britain, E – Spain, CH - Switzerland

3.    In my suitcase

The first person starts by saying “In my suitcase I have....”, for example, “some shoes”. The second player takes their turn by completing the previous phrase and adding an item of their own to the suitcase. For example, “In my suitcase I have some shoes, and a sausage”. The third player continues, and the game carries on until someone makes a mistake or forgets an item. A great memory-training game!

4.    The town game

The driver starts by naming a town in Europe. The next person must name a town that begins with the last letter of the town named by the driver. This carries on until someone can no longer think of a name. E.g., Paris – Stuttgart – Toulouse – Edinburgh – Helsinki…

This game can also be adapted using other themes: countries, celebrities, culinary specialities, etc.

5.    If you’re a passenger in the car...

Make the most of the time to relax, read a good book or talk to those sitting next to you.

Road and toll booth behaviour

Even if you want to get to your holiday spot as quickly as possible, it is essential to think about your own safety and that of your passengers.

Don’t forget to take breaks in service stations to stretch your legs and enjoy a bit of fresh air.  This will help you break the journey and stay alert while on the road. And to gain even more time, don’t forget your Bip&Go toll badge!

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