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The holiday season is approaching, and there’s just some last-minute details to prepare. Bip&Go will help you plan your journey. Take the right steps and travel in peace.

Don’t forget anything for your holidays

You’ve probably already thought of the most important things. Be sure not to forget any important paperwork (passport or identity card, vehicle registration document, etc.) and your various payment methods (for example, don’t forget your Holiday vouchers if you have them).

To ensure you don’t forget anything, why not make a checklist. Write an item down as soon as you think of it: phone or camera chargers, sunscreen, flip-flops, waterproof jacket...

In terms of your vehicle, make sure you have all mandatory equipment: a warning triangle and reflective vests. Also consider other important items, which while not mandatory, could be incredibly useful: first aid kit, spare bulbs for car lights, etc.

Finally, the last important piece of equipment to remember: your Bip&Go electronic toll badge. If you have subscribed to the ‘Liber-t Vacances’ package, make sure that your badge is fully charged before departure. You can check this in your ‘account’ section on the website. If you’ve not yet subscribed to the Bip&Go badge, you can do so in a few easy steps.

Prepare your holiday itinerary

In order to spend the least amount of time on the road and the most time on the beach, it is important to plan your route in advance. This will help you avoid traffic jams and to check places where you can buy petrol quickly or simply take a break.

Don’t hesitate to download the Bip&Go app to plan your entire journey, estimate the cost of your trip and plan stops at petrol stations en route.

To keep up to date with local weather and traffic conditions during your journey, take a look at Météo France and Bison Futé. In order to avoid traffic jams, it is best to start your journey early in the morning as opposed to late in the evening

Check your travel insurance

Maybe you’re not fully covered for your holidays. This is something you need to check before leaving. For example, check your car manufacturer insurance and the insurance provided with your credit card for the various purchases you may need to make. Don’t forget to make sure that your home is fully secure while you are away.

If you want to benefit from greater coverage for your trips, Bip&Go has a Premium Option: for just €14.50 / year, this offers you additional insurance in the event of an accident on the motorway, Premium advantages, and additional services

Check your vehicle before your holiday

If you are on the road, especially for long distances, it is essential to carry out several vehicle checks. This will ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

  • -    Make sure you check your tyre pressure depending on how far you are travelling and the load you will be carrying.
  • -    Check oil levels. Consider carrying out an oil change if more than 3 months have passed since the last change, or if you have travelled more than 4,000 km.
  • -    Check your car essentials: mirrors, wiper blades, headlights and rear lights, brakes etc.
  • -    Top tip: think about taking a spare tyre and a jack.

Think about car entertainment

It's not always easy to look after or occupy children in the car during long journeys. Take a look at our article, where you’ll find some game ideas to keep them occupied.

Road and toll booth behaviour

Even if you want to get to your holiday spot as quickly as possible, it is essential to think about your own safety and that of your passengers.

Make sure you leave fully rested and avoid drinking alcohol the day before. Make time to take regular breaks, at least every two hours, and more often if you suffer neck and back pain. Be wary of other motorists, ensure you adhere to safety distances and speed limits.

At the tolls, you can access the reserved lanes if your vehicle is equipped with an electronic toll badge, but also the "All Payment Method” lanes should the queues not be too lengthy.

If you do not have an electronic toll badge, use the "All Payment Method" queues to be sure that you have an appropriate means of payment. Otherwise, think about getting a Bip&Go toll badge before you leave.

Enjoy your holidays!

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