Where can you find an electric charging station on the motorway?

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Finding an electric charging station on the motorway

Are you thinking of doing a long journey in your electric car? Even if your vehicle’s range allows you to cover a specific distance, remember to prepare your trip in advance. Depending on the length of your journey, you may need to recharge your battery at some point.

The autonomy of electric cars is getting longer and they can sometimes cover distances exceeding 500 km. But if, for example, you intend to travel from east to west, you need to take a few things into account. Fortunately, locating an electric charging station on the motorway has become easier thanks to the Bip&Go app.

Is the motorway network equipped with electric charging terminals?

Long journeys by electric car are now a reality thanks to the implementation of charging station networks. The motorway charging station network is developing quickly due to the increase in the number of electric cars on the road.

Sanef positions itself as a key player in this area. Its motorways have a large number of charging stations for electric cars. The operator aims to cover 100% of its service areas by equipping them with at least one motorway electric charging terminal, allowing you to travel with complete peace of mind.

With between 150 and 350 kW of power, the high-power terminals allow you to recharge your energy supply in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. This is the typical amount of time motorists usually spend in service areas. The charging time depends mainly on the model of your car. In general, with an ultra-fast electric charging terminal, you recover 80% of your vehicle’s autonomy in just 15 minutes.

Where can you find electric charging stations on the motorway?

Your time is precious, and we like to do everything to make your journey as pleasant as possible. This includes helping you easily find a motorway electric charging station. Our Bip&Go app is all you need. Since 2022, it allows you to view charging stations locally and find out if they’re available.

If you need a specific type of connector or a specific power, you can filter the terminal search results according to your needs.

How do you pay for your electric recharges?

To simplify payment at electric charging stations, choose the Bip&Go electronic toll payment subscription! This all-in-one solution comes in handy, especially if you travel frequently. Not only will it help you avoid queues, but you can also pay for your top-ups directly via the app. Payment will be made directly with your subscription.

However, there are also other ways to pay, including a fee-for-service function with a prepaid card, for example, or payment by credit card.

Why use the Bip&Go app?

Available on Android and iOS, the Bip&Go app is the perfect tool for simplifying your daily car journeys. Once downloaded and installed, you can enjoy its variety of features. In addition to being able to locate electric charging stations, , you can prepare your itinerary before leaving and reserve a space at more than 1,300 car parks in France and Europe. It also allows you to monitor your electronic toll usage simply and efficiently.

android toll application iphone toll application

So, get to it! Take out a Bip&Go subscription for hassle-free car journeys!

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