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Which applications should I download for the motorway?

When you're on the road, use motorway apps to make your life easier. Usable on iOS and Android devices, these have various functions, namely electronic toll management, an overview of motorway parking areas, fuel management, etc. Find out more about the downloadable motorway applications to help make your journeys simpler.

The Bip&Go application

Available on iOS and Android, Bip&Go is the application par excellence for easy management of your electronic toll subscription. It offers other features to help your journey on the motorways go smoothly.
For example, it helps you to calculate (to the nearest penny) the price of the fuel needed for your trip. Also use the electronic toll application to book car parks at the best price in France and Belgium.

With the Bip&Go mobile motorway toll application , you will no longer have to worry about charging your electric vehicle. It lists all the charging stations closest to you

In addition, take advantage of other benefits such as discounts on ski rental, holiday stays, etc.

Applications for monitoring traffic on the road network

There are many motorway apps that allow you to plan a trip taking traffic into account. Amongst these, there are, for example, the Mappy and ViaMichelin apps . GPS-operated, these two apps offer an estimate of the travel time and fuel required.

You can also download Autoroute Info, Sanef & Vous and plenty of others. Available for iOS and Android devices, these apps tell you the best route to avoid traffic jams.

The SOS Autoroute app

SOS Autoroute is a helpful solution for travelling safely. It works using the smartphone’s geolocation system and allows you to make an emergency call in the event of a breakdown or accident. It communicates your position to the emergency services to ensure timely assistance.

It is a motorway app available on iOS and Android devices and is free to download. It operates on different motorway networks such as those managed by SANEF, SAPN or APRR. For motorways not included, your calls will automatically be redirected to the emergency number 112.

Applications for helping you plan breaks

For a smooth trip, taking breaks every 2 hours is a must. Stopping regularly at a rest area helps to avoid drowsiness while driving. To find the right place to stretch your legs, you can download the Stationaute application.

The "Where's the toilet” (Où sont les toilettes) motorway app will help you plan toilet breaks. It lists more than 150,000 public toilets along the motorways. Find this app on App Store or Google Play.

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