How to pay at electric charging terminals

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How to pay at electric charging terminals

Have you chosen to get behind the wheel of an electric car? To prevent your vehicle from being immobilised en route, the charging terminals available on public roads allow you to recharge easily.

To assist you during your first use, let us explain how to pay at electric charging terminals. This article lists all the options available to you for charging your vehicle's battery when out and about.

How do electric charging terminals work?

Whether you are on the motorway or in town, you will always find different electric charging terminals for your car. These devices generally include a badge reader and a QR Code scanner. These two components make it possible to recharge an electric car. Users may therefore need a badge or a mobile application to be able to use an electric terminal.

In most cases, charging stations requires the use of a type 2 connector. You should normally have the compatible cable, which will have been delivered by the car manufacturer at the time of purchase. However, you can also find fast charging stations on the motorway. These are equipped with CHADEMO or Combo CSS sockets. With these devices, the cable is already installed on the terminal.

All you have to do is start the terminal, plug in your car, and recharge it. The charging time depends on the desired charge and the power of the electrical terminal.

Why recharge your car at a charging terminal?

The majority of electric car users charge their vehicles at home. Nevertheless, the charge can run out, especially for those who plan to travel a very long distance. Also, when the battery is flat, you need tto find a charging terminal en route.

Another advantage of charging at a public electric terminal is the charging speed. Often, these devices are more powerful and allow cars to be charged quickly.

How to pay at electric charging terminals

To pay at electric charging terminals you can use:

  • • An app;

  • • A card or badge;

  • • A pre-payment card

Pay for your top-up using the Bip&Go app

The Bip&Go application allows you to easily locate charging stations on the way. sYou can filter the results according to the specifics of your car and your needs.

In addition to locating nearby charging terminals, if you are a Bip&Go customer you can also pay for your recharge directly via the application . The amount will be deducted directly from your account, avoiding the need to find alternative means of payment. The app is compatible with more than 30,000 terminals in France.

Recharge your car with a card or badge

The card or badge is the most used means of payment at electric charging terminals. It is accessible with a subscription. Note that there are two categories of badge: those that work on a specific network and those that can be used on different networks.

The operator gives you the choice between several packages according to your needs. When you buy a badge, your subscription amount is automatically debited from the bank account linked to the service.

Paying with a credit card

The credit card is another way to pay your bill at an electric charging terminal. If the terminal is equipped with a credit card reader, you can use it with the principal cards available. Please note that some terminals do not accept credit card payments. The ideal way is therefore to take out a subscription or have a badge so as not to be caught out.

How much does it cost to use an electric charging terminal?

The price for charging your car at an electric charging terminal first of all varies according to your mobility operator. Operators can, in fact, invoice according to the quantity of electric consumed, the time spent at the terminal, or in line with a fixed flat rate.

Currently, the cheapest way to charge a car is to do it at home. On the other hand, if you recharge your battery at an ultra-quick terminal, the price is generally higher. Nevertheless, your electric car will charge in record time thanks to the device’s power output.

Finding an electric charging terminal

Lately, Europe has been turning towards sustainable mobility. The use of electric cars is strongly encouraged both in France and in other EU countries. As a result, there are more and more electric charging terminals . In addition to your wallbox at home, you can find power supplies in various places: in shopping centre car parks, gas stations, motorway rest areas, company car parks and many other places.

Terminals are not always the same. Some are less powerful than others. The same applies to the equipment and operation of the device. For example, the payment methods accepted can be different from one system to another.

To locate all the charging terminals on your route, download the Bip&Go app

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How to obtain a charging terminal card

To recharge your electric car, cards are available at many mobility operators. Its cards are intended to allow you to charge anywhere, at the terminals of different networks. In this way, users use a single application and a single card to charge their electric car.

These badges can be purchased online, but sometimes also in motorway rest area shops. However, please check your mobility operator's website for the list of electric charging terminals that accept your card. And of course, you usually have a mobile app to pay for the charging terminal. The mobile app means you don’t need a badge.

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