Which electronic toll badge package is right for me?

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If you’re looking to save time on the motorway, then the solution couldn’t be simpler: switch to the electronic toll badge which allows you to benefit from reserved electronic toll lanes. No more waiting at the toll booths! However, choosing the right package adapted to your needs and budget is more troublesome! To help you, Bip&Go has developed a comparative summary to help you in your choice.

However, before making your choice, please note that all Bip&Go badges allow you access to the reserved electronic toll lanes in France , as well as the standard lanes. Your badge is also valid in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, as well as in more than 800 car parks across Europe. All Bip&Go customers have access to exclusive Subscriber Advantages from their subscriber area, as well as the Bip&Go app to allow them to plan their trips. No matter which package you choose from our electronic toll comparative summary, the Bip&Go advantages are all yours!

For occasional travellers

If you only drive a few times a year, for holidays or the odd weekend, for example, the Bip&Go Pays As You Go electronic toll subscription package will best suit your needs: with this package, you only pay when you drive! For just €1.70 for every month you use your badge (and €0 the months you don't use the motorway), you can take advantage of all the Bip&Go badge benefits.

For frequent travellers

If you drive on the motorway at least 10 months a year (even if it’s just once a month), it will be more economical for you to subscribe to the Bip&Go Fixed Price package . This costs €16/year . Your toll and parking expenses will be deducted automatically from your account each month.

For those wishing to pay toll charges using American Express

In recent years, French toll booths no longer accept payments by American Express. In partnership with American Express, Bip&Go has set up exclusive offers for your electronic toll badge. Thanks to the Bip&Go AMEX badge , you can pay toll charges with your AMEX card . In addition, depending on the card you have, take advantage of a free subscription or free Miles. Find eligible cards on our website.

For people using the same toll booth several times a month

For customers making regular journeys (commuting between home and work for example), a special offer has been developed by Bip&Go in partnership with sanef/sapn: the Frequent Traveller + Bip&Go offer . Choose your regular route on the sanef/sapn network and after 20 journeys (10 round trips) within the same month, benefit from a 30% reduction on your toll charges . This offer is especially for frequent users of the sanef/sapn network.

In summary

Find our electronic toll comparative summary below

You are... Subscription Price Condition

An occasional traveller

Bip&Go Pay As You Go

€1.70 per month of motorway use

Suitable for all

A frequent traveller

Bip&Go Fixed Price

16€ / year

Suitable for all

A holder of an American Express card

American Express Offers

16€ / year

Must hold one of the American Express cards included as part of the offer

Residing near to the sanef / sapn network

Bip&Go Frequent Traveller +

€2.50 / month

Must make the same regular journey

All prices are quoted for electronic invoicing. Any toll, parking, commissioning, and shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer.

Other electronic toll package comparisons

In partnership with sanef, Bip&Go offers other packages suitable for specific journeys on the sanef/sapn network. These offers, together with the electronic toll comparative summary, can be found at Bip&Go agencies.

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