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Everything you need to know about the A9

The A9 motorway, also called the Languedocienne, runs along the Mediterranean Sea from Orange to Perthus, serving the cities of Nîmes, Montpellier, Béziers, and Narbonne. It ends at the Spanish border and covers a total distance of 280.5 km. The A9 motorway sometimes has delays, especially around Montpellier, Col du Perthus (related to border control), and towards Orange. To avoid queuing too long at the tolls, order your Bip&Go Toll badge now !

The Bip&Go electronic toll badge on the A9

All motorway toll stations accept the electronic toll badge. Some have 30 km/h "t" lanes. If you have a Bip&Go electronic toll badge, you can use all the lanes at the toll station (both the reserved electronic toll lanes and the all-payment lanes).
Bip&Go does not have an agency on the A9, but you can order your electronic toll badge from our Bip&Go website. You can also manage your subscriptions directly from your subscriber area.
Electronic toll badge subscription for the A9 motorway : if you need an electronic toll badge to go on holiday, take out a Bip&Go A La Carte subscription .

What places are there to visit on the A9 motorway?

The A9 motorway has many points of interest!
Indeed, along the Mediterranean coast, it serves the seaside resorts of Grau-du-Roi, Cap d'Agde and Saint-Cyprien-Plage .
Make the most of your trip on the A9 and stop off at some of the most beautiful places in the region: in the heart of the Camargue, you will find the old medieval town of Aigues-Mortes , a perfect place for a break en route to your holiday destination. Stretch your legs around the ramparts, visit the towers and stroll through the streets. To get to Aigues-Mortes, take exit 26 off the A9 motorway.
By taking exit 24, you can discover the city of Nîmes , with its beautifully preserved Roman monuments. Particularly well-known for its amphitheatres, Nîmes is also home to other beautiful places to visit such as the Maison Carrée, the Jardins de la Fontaine and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The A9 motorway also serves the Pont du Gard via exit 23. Don’t think twice about making a detour to see this marvel of Gallo-Roman architecture, the highest Roman aqueduct in the world.

Where to eat on the A9

Burger King on the A9 motorway
Direction Orange, heading towards Spain, the first Burger King can be found at the Ambrussum Nord service area, at kilometre 76, between Nîmes and Montpellier.
The second Burger King on the A9 motorway is located at the Narbonne Vinassan Nord service area, at kilometre 182, just before bypassing Narbonne.

McDonald’s on the A9 motorway
You’ll only find one McDonald's on the A9 motorway. It’s located in the Ambrussum Sud service area, heading from Spain to Orange, between Montpellier and Nîmes.

Starbucks on the A9 motorway
Fancy a large coffee? You’ll find a Starbucks on your way down to Spain on the Ambrussum Nord service area, between Nîmes and Montpellier. Make the most of it and take a break!

Pizza Hut on the A9 motorway
There’s only one Pizza Hut on the A9 motorway. It can be found in the Beziers Montblanc Sud service area, heading from Spain towards Orange. Take a break and enjoy a pizza!

Points of interest on your way: food, petrol, etc.

Many other eating options are available to you on the A9 motorway: e.g., Bonjour shops, Pizzeria Del Arte, Brioche Dorée... To help you in your search and plan your journey and stops, download the Bip&Go app . Here you’ll find details of all the rest and service areas, garages, and electric charging stations en route... Thanks to the Bip&Go application, you’ll never be lost!

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