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What is an electronic toll badge?

The electronic toll badge was first introduced for the A1 motorway (Paris-Lille) in France by Sanef. It is a small box fixed to the windscreen of a car. It allows rapid payment at toll booths, facilitating entry and exit to and from the paid sections of motorways for motorists.

When a vehicle is equipped with this box, motorists can use dedicated toll booth lanes but also other available lanes.

The electronic toll badge works using a SEPA direct debit facility; all passages through a toll booth are debited from the user’s account each month. It is also a service that works on a subscription system. This can be monthly or annual depending on your choice.

Advantages of an electronic toll badge

If you want to save time at the toll booths, then the electronic toll badge is THE best solution. Thanks to the reserved lanes, you no longer have to queue, especially during busy periods such as holidays. In addition, many toll booths are equipped with 30km/h lanes, so you won't even need to stop. Your badge is valid on all motorways in France, Spain, and Portugal. Drive to Naples, Faro or Seville without having to stop!

Thanks to the electronic toll badge, you’ll no longer need to look for your ticket or credit card. No need to open the window in very hot or cold weather, and you’ll never be stopped too far from the terminal!

The Bip&Go electronic toll badge also gives you access to more than 800 car parks in Europe, including 450 in France.

With your electronic toll subscription, you also have access to all the Bip&Go app services: check your bills directly from your phone, prepare your trip and check its cost, book a parking space, find an electric charging station or service station… The Bip&Go app will quickly become your best friend.

Some special electronic toll subscriptions also give you reductions at the tolls depending on the number of times you pass through.

Which electronic toll badge should I choose?

For individuals, Bip&Go has a number of solutions depending on your individual needs:

-    If you travel a lot, then the Fixed Price electronic toll badge will be your best option.

-    If you only take the motorway a few months during the year, then our A La Carte electronic toll badge may be more suitable.

To find out more, take a look at our 2022 electronic toll badge comparative study .

If you need an electronic toll badge for professional purposes, our Company electronic toll packages will be perfect. We can adapt to different professional needs with our range of different services:

-    Badge personalisation for employees.

-    Provision of journey records

-    Distinction between journeys made at weekends and on bank holidays.

How can I get hold of an electronic toll badge?

To obtain your electronic toll badge, there are two options.

You can order your electronic toll badge directly from the Bip&Go website, by selecting the option that best suits your individual needs.

To obtain an electronic toll badge today, simply go to one of our Bip&Go agencies . You’ll leave with your electronic toll badge in your pocket (handy for holidays) and save on delivery costs!

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