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How the France/Spain/Portugal/Italy badge works

General Europe badge information

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How do I know in which countries my badge works? (It/Sp/Port)

There are 2 ways to find out in which countries your badge works:

In your subscriber area through the “MY BADGES” button on the home page or in the “TRACK MY BADGES” section of the “MY BADGES” page. In this section, you can also request a change of badge if you want to use it in other countries .

Through the type of badge you have and the information on the label:

  • If your badge looks like the one below and the label bears the Via-T and Telepass logos, your badge works in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
  • Spain-Italy-Portugal compatibility

  • If your badge looks like the one below and the label bears just the Via-T logo, your badge works in France, Spain and Portugal.

  • viat logo on tag

  • If your badge does not bear the Via-T logo, it only works in France.

I have checked my subscriber area and my badge cannot be used in Italy, Portugal or Spain. What can I do?

You can either:

  • Order an extra badge on the MY SHOP page in your subscriber area, if you want to keep your first badge.
  • Exchange your current badge on the “MY BADGES” page in your subscriber area , in the “TRACK MY BADGES” section. Click on the link “Change for Spain, Portugal and Italy” and follow the instructions. A new badge will be dispatched within 48 hours.

    In this case, you must return your old badge within 15 days.

  • Go to one of our branches .

Is there an option to activate my badge so that it works in Spain, Portugal and Italy?

No, there is no option to activate your badge so that it works in these three countries, as well as in France. These functionalities are activated by default in Bip&Go badges. To find out in which countries you can use your badge, click here .

Find out how to make your badge undetectable here

Why am I being asked for my number plate?

In certain European countries, such as Italy and Portugal, if your badge cannot be detected in the toll lane, your number plate will be read and your journey will be associated with your badge.

How many number plates can I register to my badge?

You can only register one number plate per badge. If you plan to use your badge in another vehicle, you can change the number plate associated with your badge. More details here .

What happens if I use my badge in a vehicle other than the one I have registered?

Depending on the badge detection mode, or if a problem arises, your journey may not be billed via the badge. Instead, it will be billed according to the regulations in effect at the time.

How can I change the number plate associated with my badge?

You can modify your number plate in your subscriber area. On the “MY BADGES” page, click on the “Modify my number plate” link.

PLEASE NOTE! Make sure you make this change in advance, as it will take effect within 24 hours.

Can I lend my badge to a loved one who is going to drive abroad?

Yes, you can lend your badge to a loved one who wishes to drive abroad.

PLEASE NOTE! In this case, don’t forget to change the number plate associated with your badge. Any expenses incurred with the badge will still be charged to the bank account associated with the badge.

What do I do if I don’t want to use my badge in a certain country?

If you do not wish to use your badge in France or in another country, simply place it in the insulated pouch you received upon subscribing to make it undetectable.

Which subscription options are compatible with the Spain, Italy and Portugal service extension?

If you are already a customer , you can find out whether your subscription plan is compatible with the service extension in the “Usable outside France?” column in the “TRACK MY BADGES” section of the MY BADGES page. You will immediately know whether your badge is compatible and the procedure to follow if it is not.

If you are not a customer yet:

Offer valid for private individuals only, for the following subscription options:

Is my Liber-t Vacances (Chèques Vacances) subscription valid in Spain, Italy and Portugal?

Yes, if you have a Europe badge. To find out whether your badge is usable in Spain, Portugal and Italy, please click here . If you do not have this badge, you can exchange it. More information on the subject is available here .

PLEASE NOTE: Chèques-Vacances credit is only usable in France. The Italy or Spain/Portugal subscription fees and toll fees from these countries will be charged directly to your bank account.
Furthermore, only the €2.50/month used monthly plan is available on the Liber-t Vacances plan for use in Italy or Spain/Portugal.

Where can I see the expenses I’ve incurred outside of France?

You can see how much you’ve spent at the tolls outside France by going to your Bip&Go subscriber area and checking the “MY ONGOING USAGE” section on the home page or on the MY BADGES page.

PLEASE NOTE: for Italy, these expenses can only be viewed once the Bip&Go bill has been issued. Only the total amount of your expenses in Italy is available in the “MY ONGOING USAGE” section: a breakdown is available on your Italy invoice(s).

Can I sign up for the Europe badge if I am a professional?

No, the Europe badge is only available for private individuals. See the compatible subscription plans here .

Is the Europe service extension compatible with motorcycles, caravans and campervans? How do I find out what class my vehicle is abroad?

Motorcycle, caravan, campervan table