Motorway subscription: offers for occasional drivers

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Advantages of the Bip&Go motorway subscription

You may already know this but the Bip&Go motorway subscription makes every day on the motorway easier, especially at the toll booth. In fact, you will benefit from many advantages with your motorway subscription:

- Save time at the toll booth thanks to specific lanes, so no more traffic jams when going on holiday

- No need to get out your ticket, bank card or change , so you’ll no longer need to look for them everywhere in your car

-    Access to more than 450 car parks in France and 800 across Europe (France, Italy, Spain and Portugal)

-    Accessing the Bip&Go app allows you to track your toll booth use, plan your journey, find the cheapest service stations near you and much more

-    Benefit from toll booth discounts thanks to some of our motorway subscriptions

With a Bip&Go electronic toll subscription you can enjoy your journey in comfort.

Are you an occasional driver and have finally decided to take out a motorway subscription? Discover them now!

The “Pay as you go” motorway subscription

If you are an occasional driver, i.e. you drive a few times a year, you can choose the Pay as you go motorway subscription .
You will pay €1.70 for the months when you drive and €0 for the months where you haven’t gone through a toll booth (or paid for an electronic toll car park). So if you drive from May to August, for example, you will pay €6.80 (€1.70 x 4 months) and if you didn’t use the motorway in the other months, you won’t be charged (€0).

With this motorway subscription, you have the option of choosing the 3-country badge (France, Spain, Portugal) or the Europe badge (with Italy in addition to France, Spain and Portugal).

For the first type of electronic toll badge, you will pay €2.50 per month spent driving in Spain and/or Portugal, in addition to the €1.70.

For the second electronic toll badge option, €1.70 for the months you drive + €2.50 if you drive in Spain and/or Portugal + €2.50 if you drive on Italian motorways.
The setup fee is €10 for the 3-country badge and €14 for the Europe badge, plus €6 shipping fee if you order online (free in branch).

A flexible motorway subscription which you pay only when you actually use the badge. There is also another alternative, the “Liber-t Vacances” motorway subscription.

The “Liber-t Vacances” motorway subscription

Please note that this offer is intended for people residing in France and holding ANCV holiday vouchers.

This motorway subscription is ideal for occasional drivers, especially during holiday periods!

In fact, the Liber-t Vacances motorway subscription has a special feature that allows users to pay tolls with paper holiday vouchers and Connect holiday vouchers, up to €250!

To take out this motorway subscription, it's 0€ per month as long as you have holiday voucher credit left (otherwise 2€ per month of driving), in addition to the price of the toll! The setup fee is also free for the 3-country badge (France, Spain, Portugal) and €4 for the Europe badge (plus Italy). Shipping is €6 if you order online, free in Bip&Go branches.

As with the customisable motorway subscription, you will pay an additional €2.50 if you drive in Spain and/or Portugal and an additional €2.50 if you drive in Italy.

A smart motorway subscription, perfect for holidaymakers who want to use their holiday vouchers.

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