Which electronic toll subscription is best for you?

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What is an electronic toll subscription?

Electronic toll subscriptions were first introduced in the 1990s by motorway concession companies. They allow users to travel through toll stations more easily, thus streamlining traffic on the motorway. An electronic toll subscription provides you with an electronic toll badge as well as many other advantages. There are several distinct types, depending on your individual needs.

Choose an electronic toll subscription to meet your individual needs

- Electronic toll subscription for occasional drivers : if you rarely use the motorway, or if you simply use them for holidays or a few weekends away during the year, then consider the Bip&Go A La Carte electronic toll subscription . Your electronic toll subscription is free during the months when you don't use your badge!
- Electronic toll subscription for frequent motorway users : if you travel frequently on motorways (more than 10 months in the year), consider the Fixed Price Bip&Go electronic toll subscription . This will save you money on subscription costs.
- Electronic toll subscription for professionals : Bip&Go electronic toll subscriptions for working professionals are tailored to individual needs. Bip&Go offers several options; for example, journey records, distinctions between journeys made on public holidays and weekends, and badge personalisation.
To find out more about the range of Bip&Go electronic toll subscriptions, take a look at our 2022 comparative summary.

The advantages of a Bip&Go electronic toll subscription

Bip&Go electronic toll subscriptions have been designed to best meet the needs of users according to how often they use the motorway.
The electronic toll subscription gives you access to all motorways in France , but also to those in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. What’s more, 800 car parks are equipped with the electronic toll payment method, meaning you will no longer have to go to the payment terminal before leaving.
Since 2020, Bip&Go has combined its electronic toll subscriptions with the Bip&Go app ; your best ally for hassle-free trips. Thanks to the Bip&Go application, you can plan your trip expenses accordingly and save money. You can also book parking directly from your application and find the best solution for your budget.

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