Motorway subscription, solutions for big travellers

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Why take out a Bip&Go motorway subscription?

Having a motorway subscription with an electronic toll badge is important when you drive a lot. In addition to being a significant time saver for passing through toll barriers, the electronic toll motorway subscription gives you the option to avoid traffic jams at the toll booth, particularly during the summer holidays. So you don't have to take out your credit card, look for your change or reach for your ticket.

Another advantage is that your Bip&Go motorway subscription is valid on all motorways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy... but also in more than 800 car parks including 450 in France. Ideal for big travellers!

What’s more, if you decide to choose a Bip&Go motorway subscription, you can download the Bip&Go app which gives you access to your subscriber area, numerous services (electronic toll car parks, service station prices, rest areas etc.) and the calculation of your journey. Very practical!
Now that you have decided to take out an electronic toll badge, let’s have a look at which motorway subscription best meets your needs as a big traveller.

The “Fixed price” motorway subscription

This motorway subscription, distributed by Bip&Go, is perfect for people who drive several times a year on the motorways , ideally at least 10 months a year.
If you choose the Fixed price motorway subscription you will pay €16 per year , i.e. €1.33 per month. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you have been driving for 3 or 12 months in a year, you will pay €16 per year.

When it comes to choosing your motorway subscription options, you can either choose a France, Spain and Portugal electronic toll badge or the Europe badge with Italy added.
A €10 activation fee is required for the 3-country electronic badge and a €14 activation fee is required for the Europe badge. You only have to pay the setup fee once. There is also a €6 shipping fee but you can go directly to one of our Bip&Go branches , where you can get your electronic toll badge in person, without having to pay it .

As you can see, the flat rate motorway subscription is ideal for big travellers who use all the motorways in France, but also in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
However, there is another electronic toll tariff for big travellers, the Fréquence + motorway subscription !

The “Fréquence +” motorway subscription

The Fréquence + motorway subscription is only available to users who live in France and travel on French motorways frequently.

Do you regularly drive on the Sanef/Sapn motorways and want to pay less at the toll booth? Discover the Fréquence + motorway subscription !

This electronic toll subscription saves you 30% on your frequent journeys, when 20 journeys are made (or 10 return journeys) on the Sanef/Sapn motorway network.

Simply choose your frequent route, make at least 20 journeys in a month and you will get 30% off the price of your favourite journey.
The “Fréquence +” motorway subscription is perfect for commuting , but it can also be used for other purposes.

As far as pricing is concerned, you will have to pay a one-off setup fee of €10 and a €6 shipping fee if you order online (no shipping fees in Bip&Go branches). For this Fréquence + motorway subscription, you will be charged €2.50 per month in addition to the toll price.

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