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How does the toll payment work in France?

How does the toll payment work on French motorways?

French motorwaysr

Almost all motorways in France have toll fees to pay. There are many different ways of payment which allow the French and foreign drivers to travel through the toll stations. Bip&Go proposes a quick and efficient solution: the Liber-t badge.

Toll payment solutions on the French motorways

When you use a motorway in France, you have the choice between the following payment solutions:

  • Payment with a credit card: CB, Visa, Eurocard Mastercard.
  • Payment with a private card: Essocard, Total GR, Eurotrafic, DKV, Shell.
  • Payment by cash: euros, pounds, US dollar, Swiss franc.
  • Payment by check.
  • Payment with Liber-t badge.
Please note that the credit cards that systematically consult the bank account are not accepted on the motorways in France.

Liber-t badge: a clever solution to pay the toll on French motorways

What are the advantages of Liber-t badge? Thanks to the Liber-t box, you can use the reserved “t” lanes (you can drive through at up to 30 km/hr) at the toll station to save time. The Bip&Go badge is valid everywhere in France, there is no commitment and the payment is deferred. Even if you are a foreign driver, you can easily subscribe to electronic toll payment Bip&Go, and thus save time and money. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the fixed plan offer (if you use the motorway at least once a month) and the offer pay as you go plan (if you only use the motorway a few times a year).